A Guide To The Best Vegan Cheese

A Guide To The Best Vegan Cheese

You know how the conversation goes: “Oh you’re vegan? That’s so cool. But I couldn’t do it, I love cheese too much!” 

But those days are long gone. With so many varieties of vegan cheese now available, there’s a dairy-free cheese for every occasion. And what’s more, they are absolutely delicious. Put it on your vegan pasta, stir it into that sauce, heck even make yourself a vegan cheese plate! The possibilities are endless.

What is vegan cheese?

So first up, what exactly is vegan cheese? Well, it’s a plant-based cheese alternative (obviously). But recently, people have gotten really good at making them. 

Sometimes vegan cheese is made from vegetables. Sometimes dairy-free milk is used. Other times seeds and nuts. Even tofu. This means that their flavors and textures can be hugely varied, much like dairy-based cheeses. Which is great news for us vegans. 

The Best Vegan Cheeses

So. Without further ado. Here is a list of some of the very best vegan cheese out there. 

Nuts for Cheese

Nuts for Cheese

Nuts For Cheese make a stonking good dairy-free cheese. It’s made from fermented cashew nuts, which lends this cheese a depth and authenticity you won’t believe. And better still it comes in four different flavors: Brie. Artichoke and Herb. Chipotle Cheddar. Black Garlic. It’s a great spreader! 

Better Than Ricotta Cheese


Better Than Ricotta Cheese


Better than ricotta cheese is special. Especially for you Italian-loving cooks out there. It’s a tofu-based cheese that acts just like ricotta! Absolute creamy heaven for those lasagnas, pasta sauces or pizzas. Serve it up and your guests will be blown away by the rich creaminess. And what’s more, it even melts like ricotta. So kick back and enjoy all that dairy-free goodness. 

Follow Your Heart - Shredded Cheese 

Follow Your Heart - Shredded Cheese

Coming in ‘Mozzarella’ or ‘Cheddar’ flavors, these Follow Your Heart Shredded Cheese options are a great bet. It’s soy and gluten-free, using coconut oils to achieve that depth of flavor. They are ready grated, so there’s no extra fuss. And they also come in super-convenient bags, great for re-sealing. The flavor is smooth and mild, with a texture that’s great for melting. A go-to for the ‘cheese’ toasty. 

Daiya - Jalapeno Garlic Harvarti Style Cheese Block

Daiya - Jalapeno Garlic Harvarti Style Cheese Block

Here’s an option to spice up your life. This Jalapeno Garlic Style Cheese will give you a kick in all the right ways. It’s perfect for that quesadillas dinner, and there’s absolutely no soy or gluten in it either. Backed up with coconut oils and packed full of calcium, this is a dairy-free cheese with a twist. 

VioLife - Cheese Slices

VioLife - Cheese Slices

This smoky sliced cheese from VioLife is darn right beautiful. Slide it into your sandwich, slap it on your mac n’ cheese, or do what we do and eat it straight out of the packet. Using a coconut oil base, these vegan cheese slices are oozing with flavor. And even better, there’s no soy, nuts, preservatives or gluten. In short, it’s some of the best vegan cheese out there. 

Daiya - Swiss Style Cheese Slices, 7.8 oz


Daiya - Swiss Style Cheese Slices, 7.8 oz


These gorgeous Swiss Style Cheese Slices will melt in your mouth. They are, quite simply, love at first taste. Particularly good for those looking to stuff a toasted sandwich full of dairy-free cheesy goodness. 

Miyokos Creamery - Vegan Cheddar Cheese Block, 8 oz

Miyokos Creamery - Vegan Cheddar Cheese Block

Miyokos Creamery oat-milk-based ‘cheddar’ is a showstopper. Best utilized when melted into dishes, it gives you all the richness of cheddar, but with none of the dairies. It is free of allergens and it’s non-GMO too, so it’s a vegan cheese that can be enjoyed by one and all. It also comes in a lovely big block too, to be applied to your dishes generously!

Miyoko's - Vegan Cheese Wheels

Miyoko's - Vegan Cheese Wheels

Ok, so this is a level up. Miyoko’s Vegan Cheese Wheels come in two flavors: Garlic and Herb, and Sundried Tomato Garlic. 

Miyoko makes its cheeses using cashew milk. It uses artisanal cheese-making practices and applies them to its dairy-free ingredients. The results are out of this world. It’s all totally organic and the results are extraordinarily creamy. 

Looking for a knockout vegan cheese? Look no further. The future is here. 

Violife - Just Like Cheese Shreds, 8oz

Violife - Just Like Cheese Shreds

These Violife Just Like Cheese Shreds are made from coconut oil and enriched with vitamin B12. They are a great staple, coming in a convenient package and ready grated to sprinkle on whatever takes your fancy. They also come in three different flavors: Cheddar, Mozzarella and Colby Jack. This is an everyday vegan cheese and it doesn’t get much better. 

Follow Your Heart - Dairy-Free Cheese Shreds, 8oz

Follow Your Heart - Dairy-Free Cheese Shreds

Made in a certified zero-waste plant in California, powered by solar, this is a cheese with absolutely no strings attached. The mozzarella flavor is mild and creamy, perfect for sprinkling. They also have a pizzeria blend, made especially for your homemade pizza parties. 

Kite Hill - Cream Cheese Alternative, 8oz

Kite Hill - Cream Cheese Alternative

This Cream Cheese Alternative from Kite Hill is so deliciously spreadable, you’ll hardly believe it’s made from almond milk. And it’s all-natural: absolutely no preservatives. Great for spreading, ideal for dips, and a perfect way to make your sauces as creamy as possible. Coming in Chive, Everything and Garden Veggie flavors, there’s a cream cheese alternative for everyone.

Moocho - Dairy Free Cheese Shreds, 8oz

Moocho - Dairy Free Cheese Shreds

Moocho’s Dairy Free Cheese Shreds come in cheddar and mozzarella flavors. But best of all, they are aged and fermented (just like dairy cheeses). The taste is phenomenal. Rich, deep and luxurious.

Daiya - Smoked Gouda Style Cheese Block, 7.1oz

Daiya - Smoked Gouda Style Cheese Block

Daiya’s Smoked Gouda Style Farmhouse Cheese Block looks and tastes just like the real thing. It’s crumbly and smoky and creamy all at the same time. And it’s super versatile, too. Sprinkle it over a savory tart, crumble it over pasta, or dunk it straight into a dip, this is a knockout vegan cheese that will have you coming back for more. 

Vevan - Mozza Cheese Shreds, 8 Oz

Vevan - Mozza Cheese Shreds

Ooey-Gooey melty-ness is the name of the game with these Mozza Cheese Shreds. Pick up a fistful and throw it into your favorite dish, and next thing you know you’ll have great big dollops of delectable melty mozzarella. 

Follow Your Heart - Dairy-Free Cheese Slices, 7oz


Follow Your Heart - Dairy-Free Cheese Slices


These cheese slices are as easy to use as it gets. Slide a slice into a sandwich, or eat them straight out of the packet. And they’re as tasty as they are convenient. With a huge variety of flavors to choose from, there’s basically no dish that they can’t find their way into. 

Violife - Just Like Cream Cheese Original

Violife - Just Like Cream Cheese Original

Made in the stunning surroundings of Thessalonica, Greece, this cream cheese is a must-have. It’s made with coconut oil, but it retains none of the coconut taste. Instead, it’s tangy and creamy, just like cream cheese but without the dairy guilt. The multi-award-winning Violife is doing an amazing job in the dairy-free cheese world, whipping up some of the best vegan cheeses we’ve ever seen. 

Modern Kitchen - Cream Cheese, 8oz

Modern Kitchen - Cream Cheese

This Modern Kitchen Cream Cheese is a maverick. Coming in a blow-your-mind-strawberry flavor, this is a cheese with a difference. Great for breakfast or desserts, fantastic on pancakes and even on toast. It might sound strange, but trust us: it just makes sense. 

To wrap it all up

Et voilà! The world of dairy-free cheese is alive and kicking. With so many options out there, it’s time to get experimenting. Whether you want crumbly, creamy, tangy or sweet, we’ve got the vegan cheese for you. 

And if you want to learn a little more, check out this great video. Expert tasters talk all-things vegan cheese!

So go forth! And get stuck into that dairy-free goodness!