We're talking vegan chocolate bars. We’re talking vegan chocolate chips. We’re talking vegan chocolate peanut butter cups! Whether dark, milk or white is your cup of tea, our plant-based chocolate range covers all cravings. 🤤

Shop our vegan chocolate range and choose from only the very best vegan chocolate brands. Why not chow down on one of Vego’s classic hazelnut vegan chocolate bars or explore some new choccy flavors with the help of Raaka? Or why not try on some of Hu’s vegan chocolate chips or bars for size? 

The wonderful world of vegan chocolate truly is your oyster. So go on! Get your sweet tooth satisfied. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is White Chocolate Vegan?

No, regular white chocolate is actually not vegan. It’s typically made using dairy products which are not vegan-friendly. But luckily, for all the white chocolate fans out there, there are many amazingly delicious vegan white chocolate alternatives today made with vegan dairy alternatives. Just as creamy and just as indulgent. 

Can I Have Sugar Free Chocolate On Keto?

Yes, sugar is naturally high in carbs so it's key to go for a sugar-free chocolate if you follow a keto diet. You can also go for a raw premium chocolate that is unsweetened and has a 90 % cacao or more. Always check the label to make sure you get the chocolate that meets your nutritional needs. 

Can I Melt Dairy-Free Chocolate?

Yes, vegan chocolate and dairy-free chocolate melts just as well as the dairy kind. You can get vegan chocolate made specifically for baking if you want to have a chocolate that is extra easy to work with. Melt your chocolate (broken in smaller pieces) either in the microwave or in a clean bowl set over simmering water. Stir and enjoy! 

Is Dark Chocolate Dairy-Free?

Yes usually, but not always! It’s true that ‘dark’ chocolate, as opposed to ‘milk’ chocolate, is more often dairy-free and vegan. However, just because it’s dark chocolate it’s not automatically vegan, some brands pack their dark chocolate bars with dairy-based fillings or sneak in low amounts of dairy ingredients. Make sure you double check the ingredient list to make sure that everything in the bar is vegan. Also, look out for bars with a cacao content of 70% or more. The higher the percentage of cacao - the more concentrated antioxidants you get!