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Shipping & Returns

Thank you for shopping with PlantX. We are incredibly grateful for your business! You may be curious about our shipping methods, labels, and any other shipping concerns. Learn all about them here.

Product Labels

You may notice that some products on the site are labeled with a Cold Shipper icon; products with a Cold Shipper icon are not shelf-stable. They are shipped through a Cold Shipper and must be refrigerated or frozen upon arrival.

If a product does not have a Cold Shipper icon, that means the product is shelf-stable.

The Cold Shipper icon can be found on the bottom left side of each item’s image in a search or a collection, and on the upper right side of the image on the product page.

Shipping Methods

Cold Shipper Icon: Products with a Cold Shipper icon will be sent through one of our Cold Shippers within 2 days. Our Cold Shippers have been thoroughly evaluated for 2-day deliveries. 

No Cold Shipper Icon: Products without a Cold Shipper icon will be sent through Ground Shipping. Deliveries via Ground Shipping take 1-5 days to arrive, depending on where you are in the U.S.

Do take note that orders cannot be split. Ground Shipping is only available if your order consists of only shelf-stable items. If one of the items that you’ve checked out has a Cold Shipper icon, then your whole order will be sent via Cold Shipper by default.

Remember, our Cold Shippers are designed for 2-day deliveries. Sometimes carriers can mishandle packages and the products may thaw during transport. Since all our products are plant-based, you can try re-freezing or refrigerating your products (as necessary) if they arrive cool.

Please contact our customer support if any of your orders do not arrive on time or in between the committed shipping time frame. We will do our best to find your order!

Shipping Costs

We understand that shipping fees are not cheap. Shipping costs are based on the box size, weight of the package, and the shipping method. Since the start of the Covid pandemic, UPS has raised its shipping rates and has not yet reduced them to pre-Covid rates. In addition, the current increase in fuel prices has made shipping even more expensive.

Rest assured, we make no money on shipping fees! We often lose money as we subsidize your shipping fees to make them somewhat more affordable for you. 

If all the items in your cart are shelf-stable, they will be shipped via the more affordable Ground Shipping method. 

Shipping Time Frames

We require up to 24 hours to process your order. 

Ground Shipping packages are shipped on Mondays to Fridays every week. These orders will arrive in 2-5 business days. 

Cold Shipping packages are only shipped on Mondays to Wednesdays each week. If you placed an order that needs cold shipping on Thursday - Sunday, it will be sent the following Monday. These orders will arrive within 2 days. 

Late Orders

We always try to ensure that all orders arrive by the desired date, however it is impossible to guarantee that they will. If the items in your order are shelf-stable only, any delays will not have affected the products themselves. 

As explained above, our Cold Shippers are designed to last up to 48 hours. Sometimes carriers can mishandle packages and products may thaw during transport. As a result, if a Cold Shipper package has not arrived within the 2 days, we cannot guarantee that the items will arrive at the required temperature.

Since all our products are plant-based, as long as your shipment arrives cool, items can be re-frozen or refrigerated as appropriate. However, if the items arrive warm please contact customer service immediately. This way, we can figure out what went wrong as well as ensure that your items get to you as soon as possible at safe and correct temperatures. 

A Step Towards Sustainability

At PlantX, we try our best to be as eco-friendly as possible and that extends to how we ship products to you. Here are just some of the measures we take toward that goal:

  • We reduce the negative impact on the environment by choosing to never use styrofoam shippers
  • Our ice packs are gel-based and are even reusable
  • The liners and corrugated boxes we use are recyclable


Due to the nature of the products we provide, we have a comprehensive Return Policy so that we can deal with any scenario possible. We recommend that you thoroughly research the product you intend to purchase before placing your order as any returns or exchanges must be unused and in brand-new condition. We do NOT accept returns for meal delivery or refrigerated/frozen items.

Do not hesitate to contact our incredibly friendly, helpful and insightful Customer Service Agents, who are more than happy to assist you in finding the product you need. If you are not satisfied with your order, or something was not as expected, please contact us within seven days by email at info@plantx.com or by phone (833) 407-0747.

Return Policy

As a consumer, you hereby understand and agree to pay for all shipping costs associated with returning the item(s):

  • Customers are responsible for shipping costs on any re-shipping requests.
  • Customers are responsible for sending back orders at their cost if products were ordered by mistake or disliked. Once received in the warehouse, customers will receive a refund on the price of the order after the cost of shipping has been deducted.
  • If orders are undelivered due to customer negligence or fault, customers will be responsible for all shipping costs plus a 10% restocking fee should a refund be requested.

All items purchased from PlantX.com (not including meal delivery) must meet the following requirements to be eligible for a refund or exchange:

  • Items must be unopened products in their original packaging.
  • Items must be shipped back within ten days of the original delivery date.
  • Returns must include a Return Authorization (RA) number which can be acquired by contacting us at info@plantx.com. This will ensure the proper processing of your item(s). The RA number must be written on all sides of the packaging that the returned item is being shipped in. We are not responsible for items sent to us without an RA number. 

We also strongly recommend that you insure your package(s) and/or purchase delivery confirmation, especially if the item costs over $75, as we are not liable if returns are lost or damaged in transit. Upgraded, international or any other non-standard shipping services purchased are the sole responsibility of the buyer and are non-refundable.

If all of the above conditions are met, you can expect your refund or your exchange to process within two weeks of the delivery date to us. This includes credit card and money order refunds and exchanges shipped out. This return policy is only available to customers of the United States.

Exchange Policy: As products are not eligible for exchange, we recommend returning the item and placing a new order for expedited services.

Order Cancellation: Once an order has been placed and paid for, it isn’t possible to cancel it unfortunately. The reason for this is that we strive for the best possible customer service experience, so all orders are expedited as soon as possible. 

Product Issue: If the product isn’t expired or damaged, then it is an issue with product quality. Though we are always happy to listen to feedback, PlantX is not a manufacturer so we are unable to escalate product issues further. You would need to contact the actual product manufacturer directly. 

Damaged Item(s): If you've received a damaged item, please report within 48 hours of receiving the product to info@plantx.com. You must include photos of the item(s), order number, and a description of the damage. We will then assess the damage with our team and get back to you within 24 hours. Beyond 48 hours of receipt, we will not be able to assess damage or offer a refund.

PlantX and its affiliates reserve the right to refuse a return for any reason as well as amend the Return Policy at any time.