What are vegan ready meals?

Now we all know what a ready meal is: a pre-made, usually microwavable meal that saves you the hassle of preparing your own ingredients. Now a vegan ready meal is of course the same thing, but with vegan contents. But in the quest for delicious ready-to-eat vegan food, you have to know where to look and which brands you can trust, which will be outlined in this article!

How healthy are vegan-ready meals?

Like the best vegan-ready meals, this question is perfectly natural! But there is no one single answer. All meals will vary in nutrition and ingredients: from low calorie to high protein and everything in between. But there are lots of healthy options out there! And here at PlantX, we like to stock only the healthiest and most delicious vegan-ready meals on the market. 

Now when it comes to great taste, easy preparation, and quality ingredients, I’d say you really can’t do much better than Tattooed Chef and Annie Chun’s. Whether it's their Teriyaki Noodle bowl or the spiritually enlightened Buddha Bowl, Tattooed Chef Annie Chun’s shows us exactly how it’s done when it comes to producing great, ready-to-eat vegan packaged food. 

Made from high fiber, sustainable ingredients and using nutrition-packed, plant-based proteins, Tattooed Chef’s vegan ready meal bowls are the perfect way to enjoy beautifully made vegan food without getting your hands dirty. Just spin that baby in the microwave and get ready to chow down!

What should you look out for when buying vegan ready meals?

There are a lot of factors to consider in the quest for a vegan ready meal. First of all, convenience! And Mikey's - Plant-Based Pockets are about as convenient as it gets, wrapping up all sorts of vegan goodness in its soy-free, gluten-free shell. 

When it comes to ready-to-eat vegan food, one thing I always want to know is that the ingredients in my food are as natural, sustainable, and healthy as they would be in any dish that I cook from scratch. The Cool Beans-Tikka Masala Plant-Based Wrap GF is Non-GMO Verified and made with all-natural ingredients, so you know you’re getting the good stuff.

Top Brands

Now I know what you’re thinking so far: “Rice bowls? Indian food? What is this, vegan cuisine 101? What if I want a vegan twist on an American classic, huh?” 

OK, so maybe you weren’t thinking exactly that, but if you were I have the answer: Upton's Naturals - Original Ch'eesy Mac. That’s right folks, a 100% vegan ready meal with all the hearty indulgence of the best Mac’n’Cheese and none of the dairy! Made, as all good things should be, with all-natural ingredients, this quick microwavable vegan meal makes eating vegan easier (and ch’eesier!) than ever before! 

But it doesn’t just stop with Upton’s Naturals! There are a whole host of brands making great vegan ready meals, all of which are available on PlantX. Here’s a quick selection of some of our favorites:

A Brave New World of Vegan Ready Meals

There’s a huge range of great vegan-ready meals and vegan packaged food out there. Full of natural, plant-based ingredients and great taste, it’s a brave new world of convenience and flavor. The time has come, dear friends, to set down your woks and fire up your microwaves! Now is the time to stop spending endless hours in the kitchen and start living your best vegan lives, while still enjoying delicious vegan food. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Your Dishes Gmo-Free?

For the most part, yes! We really don’t like genetically modified produce so we always try to stock the most natural, healthy products with the best ingredients. As with all things, make sure to check the label on individual products if you’re unsure, and look out for a non-GMO certification stamp. 

Do You Use Garlic In Your Dishes? 

Garlic is one of nature’s most delicious flavors, so it’s only natural that it should feature in more or less every type of cuisine from around the world. Most yummy vegan ready meals will contain some garlic, some more than others depending on the dish. If you’re unsure, always check the ingredients before purchasing. 

Is A Vegan Ready Meal Healthy For Kids?

Broadly speaking, yes. Like adults, children require a balanced diet, so don’t just feed them the same microwave rice every day. But at PlantX, our range of tasty and nutritious vegan ready meals are perfectly suitable for children. A balanced diet is important so we would not recommend eating a ready meal every day. 

Do Vegan Ready Meals Taste Good? 

Like any dish, the taste is a matter of preference. One person’s gruel might be another person’s feast. People like different flavors, food types, or even levels of spice. Cilantro for example tastes citrusy to some people and has an unpleasant soapy taste to others. We think our vegan ready meals are delicious, and there is something for everyone.

How do I prepare my vegan-ready meal?

The answer to this varies depending on which meal you’re talking about. However, most vegan-ready meals can be prepared either in the microwave or in the oven. Always be sure to check the cooking instructions on individual packs for more information before you start cooking. If you’re cooking other things to go with the ready meal, ensure you time everything correctly. 

Are microwave meals safe to eat?

You know how it is for us vegans. We like things fresh. We like things natural. No wonder, then, that we sometimes look at our microwaves with suspicion. “Heating up food with radiation? No thanks!” But modern microwaves are perfectly safe for food preparation. Just don’t stick your head in one!