Our Story

In a world with an endless and unquenchable thirst for the ideal diet, our goal is to share what veganism means to us. The ins, the outs, and how to live a simple plant-based lifestyle. The more you understand about the why’s and how’s of eating plant-based, the better you will be able to navigate your choices.

Towards a Better Tomorrow!

Vegan is not just a way of life; it is many beautiful humane attributes entwined into a lifestyle. When you accept the vegan way of life you not only pledge to use and consume products made from plants but also contribute to shaping a better tomorrow for us all. PlantX, which is an online marketplace for everything vegan has also pledged to do its bit to make a kinder and cruelty free world where our lifestyle habits are also in sync with the nature.

You can count on us!

In the current scheme of things, going Vegan may not be that easy; instances of finding milk solids in biscuits that claim to be vegan or a grumpy non-vegetarian partner who sees no sense in eating plants are not rare. But, now that PlantX is here, at least, when buying food products from us you do not need to read and re-read the ingredients as we say it all in two magical words “100% vegan”! Also, since PlantX is all set to become your ‘go-to’ name for 100% vegan food you can even count on us for exciting new vegan recipes, and surprise everyone with your wonderful cooking skills!

We at PlantX are totally committed to promoting and creating awareness about the vegan way of life and have also created a dynamic platform where vegans and vegan enthusiasts can engage and share best-practices.

The PlantX Promise:

We strongly believe that everything that goes into our body should be made from natural ingredients, must not be harmful for the environment and must also be affordably priced. And at PlantX, with the products we offer, we do our best to stick to our belief system. Un-complicating Life!

In order to make the world a better place to live, we now need to put into our body only what Mother Nature has to offer and un-complicate everything, and at PlantX we are doing just that. Whether you follow a vegan lifestyle or are a flexitarian, you can always count on PlantX.