However, water, like everything in life, is not simple. While most of us can get drinkable water straight from the tap, water comes in many forms. It can be sourced from many different areas. The source of water will alter the taste, composition, and health benefits of the drink. For example, mineral water (sourced from a mineral spring) is packed with very different properties from coconut water (found inside coconuts). Water can also have extra ingredients added to change the effect the water has on the body. For example, alkaline, hydrogen and caffeinated water, which all have the natural state of water changed to increase the benefits from drinking. 

At PlantX, health and wellbeing is very important to us. So, we simply could not miss out on the water party. With seven different types of water available at PlantX, all packed with different health benefits, this is your one-stop shop for health and hydration. Stay around and browse... you can thank us later!

What is water?

Water is a naturally occurring substance. It is made out of three atoms, two hydrogen, and one oxygen (hence the name H2O). Water is found in liquid, solid and gas, but is only drinkable in liquid form. 

Water is pretty special. Humans are made up of 60% of water. It spans more than 70% of the Earth’s surface, most commonly in oceans, rivers, lakes, and glaciers. It is essential to all animal and plant life. Humans use it to support our normal bodily function and plants use it for photosynthesis. 

It’s pretty much one of the most important substances found on our precious little planet! 

What is the difference between Bottled Water and Tap Water?

Most of us can get water straight from the pump in our kitchen. So, why bother buying bottled water? What’s the difference between bottled water and tap water? 

Tap water is water stored in reservoirs that is pumped into our homes and offices through pipes. Tap water is managed by local actors. Bottled water is collected from a specific source, packaged into bottles and then sold in stores or online. The key difference is that tap water often contains fluoride or chlorine. This is because these ingredients are often necessary for purification purposes. In many locations it is not safe to drink tap water directly from the pipes and needs to be filtered before drinking. 

In comparison, bottled water is often not altered from the state it was found in at the source, or has had ingredients added to it to change its health benefits, for example, extra Alkaline Water or Caffeinated Water. 

How much water should I drink a day? 

Water is very important to ensure the body keeps functioning. The body constantly uses water throughout the day, so keeping on top of your water intake and staying hydrated is vital. 

It is recommended that you drink 6 - 8 glasses of water per day. This equals around 2 liters or half a gallon a day. Some experts even recommend sipping water constantly throughout the day whether you are thirsty or not. This is to ensure you remain hydrated at all times. 

However, while 6-8 glasses is the general guideline, the amount of water that an individual human needs depends on many different factors. For instance, if you lead a very active lifestyle, are pregnant or breastfeeding or are suffering with an infection of fever that causes you to lose liquids, you will need to drink more water than usual. If you live in a hot, humid, or dry area, or in an area with high altitude, you will also need to consume more water than the average person. 

Even your diet could affect the water intake you need! For example if you do not eat a lot of naturally hydrating foods, like fruit and veggies, or if your diet is high in caffeine, salt, spice or sugar, then you may need to drink more water than others. It really does all depend! 

What are the different types of water available at PlantX? 

At PlantX, we have a brilliant selection of Alkaline Water, Caffeinated Water, Chlorophyll Water, Coconut Water, Hydrogen Water, Mineral Water, and Sparkling Water. These seven types of water all have different compositions, tastes and are packed with different health benefits. Click on each tab to find out more about the different types of water. Whatever water gets your taste buds tickling, stick around and have a browse - there’s something for everyone! 

Why is water important?

Something that makes up 60% of us must be pretty important, right? Your parents, doctor, or salesperson at the beauty counter told you so. But why is water so important? What makes this natural substance so magical? Well, quite a lot… Water performs many essential functions in the body, all of which mean it is crucial we keep hydrated. These functions include: 

  • Dissolving nutrients in the bloodstream and transporting them to cells. 
  • Regulating body temperature. 
  • Breaking down waste substances and removing them from the body in urine, feces, and sweat.
  • Aiding digestion. Water helps with constipation and other abdominal issues, especially those suffering from IBS. This is because water helps to move the digestive process and get things through our systems.
  • Protecting tissue, joints, and the spinal cord.
  • Maintaining cognitive function.
  • Increasing energy levels and reducing fatigue.
  • Improving skin and hair quality. 

There’s not really much water doesn’t do! So, what are you waiting for? Give your body the love and hydration it needs - with this wonderful, hand-picked selection at your fingertips, you simply cannot go wrong.