Bread, a timeless staple, has been a part of human history. It's cherished in both rituals and culture. With new ingredients and recipes, it's accessible and delicious for everyone!

Vegan Bread Types:

  • Sourdough: Trendy and fermented, usually vegan, but check for added milk.
  • Pita: Simple, versatile, vegan, unless dairy or eggs are added.
  • Ezekiel: Nutrient-rich, made from sprouted grains and legumes, often vegan.
  • Ciabatta: Italian favorite, usually vegan, watch out for "ciabatta al latte" with milk.
  • Baguette: Iconic French bread, typically plant-based and dreamy for vegans.
  • Focaccia: Italian flatbread, vegan with olive oil, but some recipes use butter.


  • Naan: Indian naan often contains milk or ghee.
  • Challah: Jewish challah typically contains eggs.

Pro Tip: Flatbreads are often vegan, while fluffier brioche types usually have dairy and eggs. Less processed breads are more likely vegan. Always check the label for hidden animal products! Enjoy your vegan bread journey.