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Vegan Yogurt

Yogurt can seem like something that’s inaccessible to vegans. Most of us just seem to cut it right out of our diets and resign ourselves to the fact that yogurt can’t be part of a vegan lifestyle. Well, PlantX is here to assure you - vegan yogurt can definitely be a part of a vegan diet! We’ll go as far as to say that it definitely should be part of a vegan diet...Read more

So Delicious - Yogurt, 5.3oz | Multiple Flavors

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Cocojune - Organic Cultured Coconut Yogurt | Multiple Options

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With so many different types of vegan yogurts to choose from, you’ll find yourself spoilt for choice. Not only is dairy-free yogurt delicious, but it also has some great benefits and can help you to maintain a healthy, well-balanced diet.

So go ahead and read on to find out more about what kinds of vegan yogurts are out there and which one will be best for you!

Is yogurt vegan?

Traditional, mainstream yogurt is not vegan-friendly. It’s made using usually cow’s milk, but also can be made with sheep or goat’s milk. But don’t worry! There are many vegan yogurts out there for you to try.

What is vegan yogurt made of? 

Vegan yogurts are made using plant-based milk. When looking for vegan yogurt, you’re looking for yogurts that use plant-based milk such as soy, coconut, oat, almond, and cashew. Like non-vegan yogurt, vegan yogurts also often contain live active cultures, or probiotics.

Benefits of vegan yogurt

There are many great reasons to switch to plant-based yogurt, whether you’re a vegan or not. Not only does eating non-dairy yogurt help to protect animal welfare, but the products themselves can be higher quality than dairy yogurt as they are often made with organic ingredients, which are better for you and the planet.

Top brands to try 

There’s a ton of amazing brands out there making nutritious and delicious vegan yogurts for plant-based consumers to try. On our website, you can buy dairy-free yogurts from brands like Forager, Cocojune, Oatly, and Culina!

Here are a few of our favorite vegan yogurts that you can buy on the PlantX website:

So Delicious Dairy-free Yogurt 

This irresistibly creamy, vegan yogurt is a staple for any vegan kitchen. It also comes in a variety of delicious flavors.

Oatly Fruity Oatgurts

Love your yogurt to have a fruity flavor? These vegan yogurts from Oatly are the ones for you! Choose between Strawberry, Mixed Berry, and Peach…

Oatly Plain Yogurt

Use this classic, vegan yogurt as a healthy breakfast or as an extra ingredient in your vegan food and baking recipes!

Forager Project Organic Cashewmilk Yogurt

If you’re looking for a vegan yogurt that you can use as s staple in your breakfast creations, this Plain Forager Cashewmilk Yogurt is perfect. Mix it with your favorite granola, berries, and seeds for a nutritious and filling breakfast. 

What is the healthiest vegan yogurt? 

It’s hard to say which type of vegan yogurt is the healthiest, as different brands use different ingredients and vary in things like sugar levels. Try and go for organic yogurts with no added sugars if they’re available! Products with fewer ingredients are also usually better.

Generally, most dairy-free yogurts are a healthy and nutritious part of a vegan diet. Like dairy yogurt, many vegan yogurts include probiotics, which are said to be important for maintaining a healthy gut. 

How can I enjoy vegan yogurt?

Here at PlantX, we think vegan yogurt can be enjoyed at any time of day. But we also think that a bowl of non-dairy yogurt is a great way to start the day! Take your vegan yogurt and top it with your favorite fruit toppings, like sliced banana, blueberries, raspberries or grapes. You can use dried fruits too. You can also add oats, cereals, or chia seeds to give your breakfast a bit more texture and substance!

Recipes incorporating vegan yogurt 

Plant-based yogurt doesn’t just have to be a breakfast food. Here at PlantX, we know lots of great ways to use vegan yogurts as an added ingredient to your go-to meals. Take a look at our suggestions below!

  • Smoothies - Got some old, over-ripe fruit lying about? Why not make a delicious and nutritious smoothie! Add some delicious, dairy-free yogurt (how about coconut yogurt?) to thicken the texture and enhance the taste. 
  • Soups and sauces - Need an easy, vegan way to thicken a sauce? Go ahead and add a dollop of vegan yogurt for an instant texture improvement!
  • Curries and other spicy dishes - Made a curry that’s a bit too hot for your liking? Or your guests’ liking? Not a problem! Add in some non-dairy yogurt for a cooling effect and a great way to balance out your flavors, however spicy they may be! 

PlantX Tip: You can also serve spicier dishes with some vegan yogurt on the side.

  • Dips - Make yourself a deliciously Greek tzatziki by using some vegan yogurt, cucumber, garlic, dill, lemon juice, and olive oil. Great for a mezze platter with some warm pita bread.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is vegan yogurt keto-friendly?

Not all vegan yogurt is keto-friendly. If you want to find a vegan, keto-friendly yogurt, you need to find one that is high in fat but low in carbs. If you’re struggling to find a vegan, keto-friendly yogurt, you could always find a low-carb yogurt and increase the fat content yourself by adding chia or sunflower seeds!

  1. Is vegan yogurt lactose-free?

Not necessarily! Make sure you know the difference between dairy-free yogurt and lactose-free yogurt. If a product is lactose-free it means that it is made without a sugar called lactose, which people often opt for if they have intolerances to lactose. However, just because a product says it is lactose-free, doesn’t always mean it is vegan. Dairy, lactose-free products exist, so make sure your yogurt is definitely dairy-free yogurt by checking the ingredients.

  1. Is vegan yogurt made with bacteria?

Friendly bacteria, or ‘good’ bacteria, can help our bodies with digestion and maintain a healthy balance of microorganisms in our gut. While many probiotics aren’t actually vegan-friendly, luckily for us, vegan yogurt contains plant-based probiotics that are safe for vegans to consume. Try the Forager Probiotic Cashewmilk Yogurt to get all that good bacteria!

  1. What does vegan yogurt taste like?

It’s creamy, delicious, and rich - just like regular yogurt. Different flavors and sugar levels will make some vegan yogurts taste different to others! One thing we can say for sure though, is that vegan yogurt tastes better than dairy yogurt. Why? Because of that wonderful feeling you get when you consume something that’s 100% cruelty-free.

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