Coffee is the answer to pretty much everything. Just woke up? Coffee. Busy day of work? Coffee. Want some chill time? Coffee. There’s not much a good old cup of joe won’t solve - so, better make sure you’ve got some in the cupboard, ey? 

Whether you like a hot coffee in the morning or a cold brew to sip on throughout the day, shop PlantX to discover your new favorite vegan coffee blends. ☕ 

From instant coffee to latte mixes, from freshly ground beans to mushroom coffee mix, from fairtrade mixes to organic brews. With all the best coffee brands here at PlantX, whatever your tipple of choice is, we’ve got you covered.

For quality coffee beans, freshly ground, check out Portfolio’s range of single-origin blends. For delicious cold brew, ready-to-drink, Califia Farms is your guy. Or, to discover the rejuvenating potential plant-based coffee has to offer, check out Four Sigmatic’s wellness-based blends. 

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