Is soda vegan? 🥤The soda we sell certainly is! We bring you a mouthwatering range of vegan sodas that will satisfy your thirst without the nasty artificial stuff. Regular supermarket sodas can be full of preservatives, artificial flavors, and excess sugar. 

We think you deserve better than that! That’s why we’ve selected the best sparkling drinks that keep things simple and natural. We have delicious vegan soda in almost every flavor you can think of!

We choose the best vegan soda brands that will hydrate you in the tastiest way possible. Petal Sparkling Botanicals makes delicate and refined sparkling drinks in flavors such as Lychee Rose. Clean Cause makes an awesome selection of Yerba Mate-based vegan sodas that will refresh you and wake you up. 💦

If you’re thirsty for an even better sparkling drink, choose from our range of the best vegan soda brands and you won’t be disappointed! We care about your health as well as your taste buds.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is It Good To Drink Vegan Soda After a Meal?

Drinking before, during and after meals is a much-debated topic. However, the consensus these days is that drinking water or sugar-free vegan soda after a meal may actually aid digestion. Drinking after eating may help break down food, prevent constipation and reduce bloating. 

Really it’s down to you - if drinking water or a hydrating vegan soda makes you feel more comfortable after eating, then go for it. If it doesn’t, stick to drinking between meals. 

Is Vegan Soda Suitable For Diabetics? 

Sugar-free vegan soda is a great sparkling drink option for diabetics and others who need to monitor their sugar intake. All of our vegan soda and non-alcoholic sparkling drinks state the sugar content on the can, so you can make an informed choice about whether it’s the drink for you.

If you are unsure which plant-based soda is suitable for you, be sure to consult with a trusted health practitioner. 

Is Sparkling Water Vegan?

Used as the base of almost all vegan sodas, plain sparkling or carbonated water is 100% vegan. It is simply made with pure water and carbon dioxide.

However, flavored sparkling water may contain flavorings derived from animal products and these can be hard to detect on ingredients lists. Here at PlantX, all of our flavored sparkling water is purely plant-based. 

Does Vegan Soda Increase Blood Sugar?

If the plant-based soda contains sugar in any form then it will raise your blood sugar. However, vegan soda usually contains a whole lot less sugar than conventional soda. 

Plus, we have plenty of 100% sugar-free options that will not impact your blood sugar levels. This also helps to avoid that unpleasant sugar spike and crash that can disrupt your working day.