Benefits Of Using Vegan Milk In Your Coffee And What To Choose

Benefits Of Using Vegan Milk In Your Coffee And What To Choose

The vegan wave is new but it's going strong! If you are new to being vegan or trying to upgrade your choices, this should hit you right at home. Most of us drink coffee every day. So finding the best vegan milk to supplement your wake-up call is very important. If you are on the fence about the change, read this blog to help you make your decision. Learn about the benefits of vegan milk and the best options to choose from in a single read!

The benefits of using vegan milk

Perfect for those that are lactose intolerant

Have trouble with dairy? Switch over to plant milk for a change! 

Plant milk is free from lactose, making it bloat-free for all that are lactose intolerant. Lactose intolerance is best treated through dietary changes, therefore plant milk is the way to go. The results are immediate and you can say goodbye to those pesky stomach cramps and gas.

Low in saturated fats

Vegan milk is low in saturated fats, making it a healthier option compared to dairy milk. Saturated fats cause cholesterol levels to increase, which can cause all sorts of problematic issues. The only plant milk that has a more saturated fat is Coconut milk, but this typically isn’t an issue in most coconut vegan milk products. It’s always best to check out the labels if you’re at risk.

Wide variety of different vegan milk options

Times are good for us vegans! Just a few years back all we had was soy milk, but now the tables have turned. Oat milk, rice milk, and almond milk are just a few of the countless options out there. New types of vegan milk such as banana milk are also making their way into the markets.

Boosted with vitamins and minerals


Califia - Barista Oat Milk


Plant milk lacks certain vitamins that are naturally present in dairy milk. Therefore, many companies have fortified vegan milk products to include these vitamins. Plant milk on the market has healthy amounts of Calcium and Vitamin D which are the main concerns when it comes to constituents. This makes plant milk a good option for kids whose bodies are sensitive to nutrition.

How to pick the best vegan milk for you


Not every vegan milk tastes the same, just like dairy they all have a unique taste. Picking what tastes best is the real challenge. Especially for something like your morning coffee that sets your mood for the day!

Soy milk has a neutral flavor, which really helps to bring out the taste of your coffee without overpowering it. Oat milk has a wheaty heaviness which is preferred by some vegan coffee enthusiasts. There are plenty of other vegan milk options, too. Some add extra creaminess, others add nuttiness and almost all of them add thickness to your morning cup o’ jo’.


If you are a barista or someone that prefers coffee art, then this should be your primary concern. The amount of protein present in the milk determines how stable your coffee is. Protein and fat are essential for good foam. If you are a cappuccino lover, you better take this into account more than others. The froth is what gives it the fun.

The best vegan milk options

Soy milk


WESTSOY - Organic Soy Milk


Soy milk has been around for ages and for good reason! It is a true all-rounder. Soy milk is close to cow’s milk in protein content. When fortified with vitamins and minerals, soy milk is the most ‘’complete’’ plant milk out there. Vegan milk such as Westsoy’s Soy Milk is loved by vegans for its versatility in the kitchen.


Soy milk has a neutral taste in coffees. However, this is heavily dependent on the brand you pick. Brands like Westsoy supply plain soy milk that has no added flavors in its formula. We believe that “plaint Jane” is the way to go, as you can enjoy the true taste of coffee. However, flavors such as vanilla can give your coffee a pleasant lift and slight sweetness.


Soy milk has a creamy texture that is very similar to dairy milk. The higher protein content allows the milk to foam really well. This is the reason why baristas and vegan cappuccino lovers are so fond of soy milk.

Some brands of soy milk tend to curdle due to heat. If you notice any curdling, make sure to warm the soy milk gently before adding in the coffee. The creaminess of the milk makes it great for robust espresso blends such as Coffee Manufactory’s Whole Bean Coffee.

Oat milk


Oatly - Original Barista Edition Oat Milk



It’s safe to say that oat milk is more popular than soy milk. It has a light sweetness that’s just too irresistible. If you’re switching over from dairy, we highly recommend you to try oat milk first. The sweetness and creaminess make it very similar to cow’s milk, and very good for lattes.

If you have a delicate palate we recommend Oatly’s Barista edition oat milk. It’s made coffee! Free of nuts and gluten, this vegan milk is our top choice. 


Regular oat milk has a lower protein content than dairy milk. Therefore all-purpose oat milk such as Oatly’s Original might require extra effort. However, the Barista edition has enough fat and protein to give you that premium froth! 

Almond milk


Orgain - Protein Almond Milk Vanilla



Almond milk is very popular amongst vegan bakers but is rarely spoken about by coffee lovers. We believe it is due to its nutty aftertaste! Unsweetened almond milk is bitter and leaves a bit of an aftertaste in your mouth.

We recommend going with almond milk that has light flavoring. Orgain’s Vanilla Almond milk is a perfect example. It has natural sweeteners in it for those that don’t like a strong nutty aftertaste. The lack of heavy flavoring cuts out your worries of it tasting artificial.

For the best tasting coffee, pair your almond milk with a dark coffee such as Coffee Mandatory’s Dark Roast. The dark coffee compliments the nutty taste if there is any!


Almond milk has a low protein and fat content which reduces stability. It is difficult to create foam and the bubbles are bigger. This is a deal-breaker for Baristas and those that love their coffee art. However, we have a solution! Your saving grace comes in the form of Califia’s Barista Blend. Tailored for coffee lovers, this vegan milk foams with ease! The silky texture is perfect for coffee art and it’s absolutely delicious. 

Coconut milk

Native Forest - Coconut Milk Light


Coconut milk is already flying high in the cooking section due to its exotic taste. Its creamy texture adds that extra flair to your coffee. There might be a hint of coconut in the coffee, but its delicious!

The coconutty taste mixes well with coffee. Especially when paired with a neutral blend, such as Organic Coffee’s Rainforests blend. The tropical sweetness of coconut milk lifts the delicate coffee notes just right.


Coconut milk has lots of fat but lacks protein. The lack of protein gives the coffee a “body-less” and the bubbles tend to be larger, but it's still a delicious addition. Try to avoid high heat, as extreme temperatures can cause denaturing and make the milk to go “stiff”. Not ideal! However, if prepared right the coffee will have a silky texture which is perfect for latte art. The aspiring barista should keep their eyes out for coconut milk.

Plant-based creamers

Creamers and vegan in the same sentence? That’s right! 

Vegan coffee creamers are here and they're not going anywhere. Give your coffee that extra “oomph” with a delicious creamer. It's healthy, it's delicious and it's completely plant-based! We have made your life easier and made a tiny list of what we believe are the best coffee creamers out there.

Do you love the rich fatty taste of coconuts? Add in a new taste to your boring old coffee with some coconut creamer. It’s extra thick and shelf-stable, meaning you will be saving some valuable fridge space.

Are almond and oats more your jam? We bet you never thought of having an almond and oat flavored coffee in the morning, This nutty coffee creamer from silk is our new favorite. A match made in heaven, the creaminess from the oats perfectly compliments the nutty richness of almond. It's a pretty awesome duo.

Can’t choose between almonds and coconuts? We got you! Nutpods original creamer was made just for you. Sugar-free and without any sweeteners, this is a delicious and healthy addition to your morning coffee. Made from natural coconut cream and almonds, it’ll leave you wanting a second cup of coffee - guaranteed.

Find your blessing!

We mentioned four but there are plenty more vegan milk options out there. Different types of vegan milk such as hemp milk, cashew milk, and rice milk do exist. It’s up to you to find what suits your palate, although we highly recommend starting with our list for complete newbies. They taste heavenly and are very easy to work with.