The Best Vegan Egg Substitutes

The Best Vegan Egg Substitutes

As more and more people make the choice to go vegan, a lot of them look for substitutes for foods that they’re used to eating. One of those foods, eggs, are essential for completing meals and making baked goods.

That’s why vegan egg replacements are becoming more and more popular these days! People use egg replacement in baking and in cooking - the same as regular eggs. Egg replacements can also be enjoyed as they are. You can get your vegan egg substitutes in liquid form, powdered, or even pre-made in patties.

By the time you’re reading this, we won’t be surprised if there are even more egg replacements in the market. When you do want to get some vegan egg substitutes, shop here at PlantX.

Why use Vegan Egg Substitutes?

Vegan egg substitute

We’ve got a couple of reasons why we opt for vegan egg replacements.

First of all, the chickens! While we can’t speak for all the chicken farmers out there, we are aware that some don’t take proper care of the chickens that lay eggs. Chickens can be cooped inside the chicken coop for days on end and some never even make it outside.

The second reason is a health reason. Eggs are high in cholesterol. It can even have more cholesterol than your “big” fast-food burger (if you catch our drift). Vegan egg substitutes market their eggs as cholesterol-free while bringing a ton of good nutrition like protein and fiber. While the good nutrition varies per vegan egg substitute maker, the point still stands!

Pre-made Vegan Egg Substitutes

What do we mean by pre-made? Well, these are vegan egg substitutes that tend to look like the real deal. You can usually cook them as they already are without the need for mixing or any other additional preparation. 

You can also get pre-made vegan egg substitutes that have been prepared as well. By this, we mean that they may have already been cooked and just need heating up. These are helpful when making meals - especially when you have little time to spare.

Delicious and nutritious, your breakfast can be squared away in no time with these pre-made vegan egg substitutes. Check out some examples below.

1. Just Egg - Sous Vide Plant-Based Egg Bites

Just Egg - Sous Vide Plant-Based Egg Bites, 8.4oz

Because they have been cooked sous vide, Just Egg’s Plant-Based Egg Bites have an irresistIbly light and fluffy texture about them. These egg bites also come frozen, so they can come in handy when you’re plum out of meal ideas or just need a quick and tasty breakfast sorted. Let’s not forget to mention that these are quite flavourful! Just Egg’s Plant-Based Egg Bites come in American-style, Mexican-style, and Japanese-style flavours so you can switch them up whenever you feel like it.

Liquid Egg Substitutes

Looking for an egg replacement in baking? Liquid vegan egg substitutes are usually the way to go. They keep in the fridge and take up little space. The liquid form makes it easier to incorporate in baking as well. While these vegan egg replacements are great for baking, they can easily make scrumptious meals, too. Read on to see what we mean!

Do note, however, that liquid vegan egg substitutes won’t last very long once you’ve opened the packaging or the bottle. They are insanely convenient though! That’s the compromise!

1. Just Egg - Plant-Based Liquid Eggs

Just Egg - Plant-Based Liquid Eggs, 12oz

Just Egg’s Liquid Eggs are made from plants, not chickens! This vegan egg substitute imitates the fluffy texture and taste of scrambled eggs. French toast? Yes. Vegan scrambled eggs? Yes. Vegan omelet? Yes!

Powdered Egg Replacements

Powdered vegan egg replacements are perfect for people who rarely use eggs or people who use a whoooole lot of them. Hear us out! 

If you enjoy eggs from time to time and bake once in a blue moon, powdered vegan egg replacements are a money-saving solution. Being dry, they can keep longer than liquid vegan egg substitutes do! Generally, they don’t need refrigeration, too. So it won’t accidentally get wet when you’re grabbing some water or juice from the fridge. Just keep them cool and dry in the cupboard.

If you’re on the other side of the spectrum, one who uses eggs or just needs a lot of them at once, here’s why powdered vegan eggs are for you! First off, you won’t need to haul so many bottles of liquid vegan egg substitutes at a time. Plus, it isn’t economical. One example you’ll see down below, Bob's Red Mill Egg Replacer, brings the equivalent of 34 eggs in one 12 ounces. pack! That’s mind-blowing food science!

1. Bob’s Red Mill - Egg Replacer

Bob’s Red Mill - Egg Replacer

We mentioned it earlier, so we may as well start with it! This is the quintessential, must-have egg replacement in baking. It can be used to make pancakes, muffins, cakes, cookies, different kinds of bread… anything you can think of really! If you’re making a meal for a big group of people for an event or party, Bob's Red Mill Egg Replacer is the one to get.

2. Peggs - Plant Eggs

Peggs - Plant Eggs

This one is made with chick…peas! Chickpeas! This plant-based egg substitute is free from wheat, soy, or gluten. It’s a vegan egg replacement in baking and it also makes great vegan omelets.

Not Eggs-actly Egg Replacements

What if you just don’t have eggs or even vegan egg substitutes? Is all hope lost? Of course… not! You can make yourself tasty egg replacements in a pinch using these handy dandy seeds. You heard us right. SEEDS.

1. Chia Seeds

Navitas - Chia Seeds, 8oz

Now a staple in many kitchens, did you know that chia seeds can actually be used as a vegan egg substitute? There are many helpful hints online, but here’s the trick. For every one tablespoon of chia seeds, add three tablespoons of water. Wait until it becomes thick, similar to a gel. Then there you have it!

We recommend Navitas’ Chia Seeds for something like this. It is simply a pack of non-GMO and certified organic chia seeds. Quite simple, but such a versatile superfood in our opinion. You won’t regret this one!

2. Flax Seeds

Garden of Life - Flaxseed, 14oz

Making a flaxseed egg is quite the same as making a chia seed egg. Use the same ratio and wait until it reaches the same consistency as an egg. Just one tip, though. Make sure you’ve ground up your flaxseed before trying to make your own vegan egg substitute.

Do we have a great flaxseed recommendation? You bet. Garden of Life’s Flaxseed can do the job and then some! Filled with antioxidants, fiber, omega-3, and protein, it’s exactly the type of food you want to have at home.

If you're a lover of the au-natural, then we have some excellent suggests for you. You can find them in your very own grocery store or even here, at PlantX! The top three we suggest are flaxseeds, apple sauce, and the very own humble banana. Watch this video to see how they compare to each other when making vegan cookies!

Get Cracking on those Vegan Egg Substitutes!

Here at PlantX, we’ve got your back! If you still aren’t sure how to use your pack of vegan egg replacements in baking, why not check out this video right here? As always, happy shopping!