Reasons You Should Use Plant-Based Beauty Products

Reasons You Should Use Plant-Based Beauty Products

We live in the era of beauty products. There aren’t many people out there who don’t have their very own skincare routine. Serums, oils, scrubs, and creams. Today you have to have them all. Go into any bathroom and you’re bound to find a miniature pharmacy’s worth of products in there!

And to this, we say… great! But. There’s a catch. So many beauty products on the market today aren’t as great as they would have you believe. 

For one, there are a whole bunch of harmful chemicals that have found their way into the beauty industry. Consumers spend their morning rubbing these chemicals into their skin, hair, and bodies. And on top of that, lots of these products are tested on animals. Some products even have animal products inside them!

So. Opting for vegan beauty products is a really great idea. With so many fantastic vegan beauty products to choose from, there just isn’t a good reason not to. Here are some of the reasons why you should be using plant-based beauty products

Prevent Harm to Animals

By choosing plant-based beauty products you are actively rejecting the cruelty inherent in so much of the beauty industry. There are a bunch of products on our shelves that are tested using animals. Kept in cages for their short lives, these animals are needlessly put through torturous conditions. The horrors of animal testing are well known, and a quick bit of research can teach you just how bad it can be. One of the best benefits of vegan beauty products is that you can avoid the cruelty, altogether.

Your Body Prefers It When You Keep It Natural

Natural and vegan skincare

Do you know the biggest irony behind the use of nasties in beauty products? Your body actually prefers it when you keep it natural. And using vegan beauty products can help you achieve just that! 

Our bodies are built to ingest plants. We have evolved and lived around plants for millennia. For as long as humans have been roaming the earth they have been picking and consuming plants. Early beauty routines were plant-based and were the beginnings of plant-based beauty products.

Archaeologists have even discovered evidence of ancient peoples using the power of the natural world in their beauty routines. Whether it’s the Ancient Egyptians and their love of Kohl, or even early Mesopotamian civilizations soaking plants in water to make perfumes, the plant world, and the beauty world have always come hand in hand

So when you invest in plant-based beauty products, you are not buying into a modern fad. Quite the opposite. What you are actually doing is engaging in an ancient ritual. It is the chemicals and toxicants of the twentieth century that are the outlier. And good riddance to them!

Dr. Bronner’s - Organic Coconut Oil

Dr. Bronner’s - Organic Coconut Oil

This versatile Coconut Oil from Dr. Bronner’s is a great example. Not only is coconut oil great for cooking and baking, it’s also nourishing for your hair and skin! Made from nothing but 100% Organic Coconut Oil, it is the dream vegan beauty product for your hair or skin. The power of plants is all around us. Use it!

Plants Are Full Of Nutrients 

As we know, plants are packed full of nutrients. All of the minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants that we love so much come from the same place: plants! So it’s only natural for us to turn to plant-based beauty products. Here are a few of our favorites! 

Acure - Brightening Day Cream

Acure - Brightening Day Cream

Acure’s Brightening Day Cream is a fantastic moisturizer, which shields your skin against damage and evens out skin tone for a bright glow. It’s infused with a lovely, long list of plant extracts such as cica, argan oil, pomegranate and blackberry! It’s almost good enough to eat!

Ora - Good Skin Day: Skin Inflammation Support Capsule


Ora - Good Skin Day: Skin Inflammation Support Capsule


Beauty is not just skin deep and sometimes your skin needs a little helping hand from the likes of Good Skin Day: Skin Inflammation Support Capsules by Ora. They say good things come in small packages, and Ora’s Skin Inflammation Support Capsules pack a punch! Full of fantastic plant-based extracts like turmeric, organic goji berry and elderberry, these capsules help ease skin irritations like rashes, redness and patches of dry skin.

Vegan Packaging Is Great

Still not enough to persuade you? Well, what about the packaging? We’ve all seen the plastic that litters the modern world. Whether it’s floating in the open ocean or shipped across the world and dumped into landfills, plastic is polluting our environment to catastrophic degrees. 

In fact, the issue is so bad that some geologists have suggested that plastic will still exist in the environment for hundreds of thousands of years. Like the dinosaurs’ fossils, future archaeologists will be digging up our shampoo bottles and telling stories about what we were like. 

We’d rather give those archeologists something more remarkable than the latest cleaning product to remember us by. And the good news is that so many plant-based beauty products are sustainably packaged. 

Acure - Seriously Soothing 24-hour Moisture Lotion 


Acure - Seriously Soothing 24-hour Moisture Lotion

Take Acure’s range of plant-based beauty products, like their wonderful Seriously Soothing 24-Moisture Lotion. Acure takes its social responsibility seriously and has partnered up with Terracycle to create a national recycling program. It couldn’t be easier to look and feel great, and do your bit for the environment!

Excellent for Sensitive Skin 

Excellent for sensitive skin

Do you have sensitive skin? Don’t worry, loads of us do. If you do… well that’s a great reason to get into plant-based beauty products. So many skin issues arise from all the chemicals found in some products. 

Sulfates, harsh scrubs and chemical creams are a sure-fire way to harm your skin. Here are our top picks for skin-friendly products suitable for sensitive skin!

Weleda - Sheer Hydration Daily Creme

Weleda - Sheer Hydration Daily Creme

Plant-based beauty products don’t come much better than Sheer Hydration Daily Creme from Weleda, which is a natural wonder. Made from aloe, shea butter and prickly pear extract, it is specially formulated so that it doesn’t block your pores and it is totally free from harmful chemicals

If you keep it natural your skin will be grateful. Keep those chemicals out of your beauty regime, with the ever-expanding marketplace of vegan beauty products.


The benefits are there for all to see. It’s time to harness the power of plants. Vegan beauty products are just where it’s at. Whether you’re treating your face to Acure lovely cruelty-free range, or giving it a good scrub with Giovanni Cosmetics’ endless array of facial cleansers, go and get your hands on the next generation of plant-based beauty products. 

Do yourself a favor. Do the environment a favor. And get some fantastic vegan beauty products along the way.