Vegan Dog Food and Treats for your lovely Dog

Vegan Dog Food and Treats for your lovely Dog

Vegan dog food. Sounds crazy? Well, maybe at first. But spend a little time thinking about it and it all starts to make a lot of sense. 

Dogs are omnivores, not carnivores. So just like with humans, if we pay close attention to which nutrients our dogs are getting then there’s no reason why you shouldn’t provide your pet with vegan dog food as their diet. 

And much like with human food, plant-based dog food is much better for the environment. Less meat means less animal cruelty and MUCH less carbon emission. 

And on top of that, there is evidence to suggest that (again, much like humans) there is a range of health benefits in switching over to vegan dog food when it comes to your canine friend. 

Oh, and finally... There is also strong evidence to suggest that a plant-based diet will help your dog smell better. We mean farts. There’s no polite way to put it. Want to sort out your dog’s smelly interruptions? Try them on plant-based dog food and you (and your guests) might find yourself pleasantly surprised. 

Look no further. Here is a list of some of the best plant-based dog food options out there!

Vegan Dog Food

1. Evolution Diet - Gourmet Fondue Dog Kibble


Evolution Diet - Gourmet Fondue Dog Kibble, 640oz


Containing three types of plant-based protein this Gourmet Fondue Dog Kibble is just the ticket for your pooch. Their vegan dog food is from a twenty-five year old recipe and it’s made with absolutely no artificial flavorings or colors. 

And coming in a 40lb bag, this is perfect for those of you looking to buy in bulk. Grab a bag and you’ll have protein for months!

2. Benevo - Adult Organic Plant-Based Dog Food

Benevo - Adult Organic Plant-Based Dog Food, 71oz

This vegan dog food has all the nutrients your dog needs. Packed full of protein and essential amino acids, Benevo’s Adult Organic Plant-Based Dog Food is enriched with probiotics. These probiotics aid your dog’s digestion and the added yucca extract which can help reduce smells too. 

And it’s wheat-free! Give this plant-based dog food a try. Your dog will have that tail wagging double-time. 

3. Evolution Diet - Gourmet Ultra Life Dog Kibble

Evolution Diet - Gourmet Ultra Life Dog Kibble, 160oz

This dog kibble is a game-changer. Completely grain free it is a brilliant way of providing protein and good health at the same time. This vegan dog food is free of gluten and GMOs and uses organic peas as its main ingredient. Give Evolutionary Diet’s Gourmet Ultra Life Dog Kibble a go for something nourishing.

4. Nummy Tum Tum - Organic Pet Food

Nummy Tum Tum-Organic Pet Food

Born on a family farm in Oregon in the 1980s, Nummy Tum Tum is a family business. They started as a pumpkin patch and - after learning that their pumpkin puree was about as healthy a snack as a dog could wish for - they transformed their farm into one that serves our four-legged friends. 

This Organic Pet Food is full of great nutrients and fiber. This plant-based dog food will help your pup to digest their meals. It can be used as an afternoon snack, or you can even mix it into your pet’s meal. This is vegan dog food that is versatile, delicious and oh-so-healthy. 

Vegan Dog Treats

1. Riley's Organics - Dog Treats

Riley's Organics - Dog Treats, 5oz

Riley’s Organics produces organic, non-GMO vegan dog food. And it’s extraordinary. Founder Grant Weber wanted to create nothing but the best treats for his dog Riley, and the result was Riley’s Organics. 

Riley’s selection of plant-based dog food are doggie treats filled with delicious ingredients. And they come in a bunch of flavors too. Try the pumpkin and coconut, the apple or the sweet potato. They’ve even got a peanut butter and molasses flavor. Time to blow your dog’s mind with these oh-so-natural treats. 

2. Lord Jameson - Organic Dog Treats

Lord Jameson - Organic Dog Treats, 6oz

Lord Jameson is in the luxury dog treat market. And they have upped the game with these Organic Dog Treats. The vegan dog food is made from delicious products that you could find in a farmers market on a Sunday morning, you’ll have to resist taking a few bites yourself… 

And they come in a whole bunch of different flavors. Peanut Butter and Coconut, Wild Blueberries and Purple Carrot, a Savory Sweet Potato, even a Strawberry, Beets and Coconut. 

So whatever your dog fancies, there is a plant-based dog food option out there for you. 

3. Cookie Pal - Banana & Coconut Dog Biscuits

Cookie Pal - Banana & Coconut Dog Biscuits, 10oz

Loaded with potassium, vitamins B and C, omega 3, and a great big dose of fiber, these Banana & Coconut Dog Biscuits are a plant-based dog food designed to help support your dog’s brain, immune and digestive health. 

4.  V-Dog - Peanut Butter Wiggle Biscuits

V-Dog - Peanut Butter Wiggle Biscuits, 7oz

V-Dog’s vegan dog food is made from human-grade ingredients, V-Dog’s Peanut Butter Wiggle Biscuits are heart-shaped wonders. They are made from ingredients like peanut butter, flaxseed, cinnamon and banana and they are a sure way to get your dog feeling great. 

5. Caledon Farms - Sweet Potato Chews for Dogs

Caledon Farms - Sweet Potato Chews for Dogs

These treats are something special. Made from dehydrated sweet potatoes grown on a farm in North Carolina, they are processed by hand. Their plant-based dog food contain absolutely no artificial flavors. 

This vegan dog food is specifically engineered to help with your dog’s eyesight. Perfect for rewards and training, these Sweet Potato Chews from Caledon Farms are a guaranteed smash hit. 

6. Cookie Pal - Turmeric Ginger Dog Biscuits

Cookie Pal - Turmeric Ginger Dog Biscuits, 10oz

Coming in a bag made from sustainable packaging, these treats are a lovely option. Filled with buckwheat flour and flaxseed, the turmeric and ginger taste is a delicious option for your dog. 

Grab a bag of these Turmeric Ginger Dog Biscuits from Cookie Pal. They won’t be able to get enough of this plant-based dog food. 

Get your doggies switching to Plant-Based Goodness! 

Once you spend a little time getting to know the market, you start to realize just how much sense vegan dog food makes. 

Don’t forget, like with all dog foods, make sure to swap your furry friends’ food gradually. Mix it in with their old dog food for a few meals, gradually increasing the ratio of plant-based dog food. That way, they are less likely to get stomach upsets in the process!

Not only is it super-healthy and super-delicious, but it’s also packed with nutrients and plant-based protein. If you like to keep it vegan, why not let your dog do the same by sticking to plant-based dog food? It’s the future!