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Caledon Farms - Sweet Potato Chews for Dogs

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Quick Description

Made from 100% sweet potato, Caledon Farm’s vibrant Sweet Potato Chews are the perfect healthy treat to keep your furry friend happy and healthy.

Key Information

  • All Natural Dog Treats
  • No Additives, Artificial Preservatives or Colors
  • 100% North Carolina Sweet Potato
  • Source of Vitamin A & Beta Carotene
  • For Dogs of All Shapes and Sizes

Product Overview

Caledon Farms Sweet Potato Chews are tasty and nourishing natural treats for your dog. Made with dehydrated sweet potatoes grown in North Carolina, these vegan chews contain absolutely no additives, artificial preservatives, or colors. They are processed by hand to ensure high-quality treats in every bag. Caledon Farms Sweet Potato Treats are packed with canine-friendly nutrients. They provide a great source of beta-carotene to enhance eye health and are rich in immunity-boosting vitamin A. Sweet Potato Treats are also an excellent source of dietary fiber to keep your dog’s digestive system happy. Remember that treats should only make up 10% of your dog’s diet. Use Caledon Farms Sweet Potato Chews for training and rewards. If your dog has diabetes or is less active, consult your veterinarian before allowing them to consume Caledon Farms Sweet Potato Chews.


100% Sweet Potato. Why are Caledon Farms Sweet Potato Chews good for my dog? Sweet Potato is a commonly used ingredient in commercial dog foods. As it is a whole food, it is recommended by pet nutritionists because it is likely to damage the digestive tract or cause an immune response. With Caledon Farms Sweet Potato Chews, you can be assured that your pet is enjoying only the pure plant benefits of sweet potato with no harmful additives. Plus, sweet potato is low in fat and offers a great source of fiber and other micronutrients. While Sweet Potato Treats should be only given in moderation, you can be assured that your dog’s favorite treats are offering plenty of wellness-boosting benefits.

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Caledon Farms - Sweet Potato Chews for Dogs
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