Discovering The Best Teas For Anxiety & Stress: From Cup to Calm

Discovering The Best Teas For Anxiety & Stress: From Cup to Calm

The modern world can be a bit of a stressful place. With contemporary society, culture, and technology seemingly being adverse to our natural, animalistic tendencies, we can get quite easily overwhelmed. Society has progressed so rapidly over the last hundred years and we as humans have yet to catch up evolution-wise.

One of the manifestations that this creates is a disconnect between what we are supposed to do and what our bodies want to do. This can create feelings of stress and anxiety within us that is hard to subside. 

Anxiety often gets mis-considered. Many people suffer from chronic anxiety that requires more careful treatment, often requiring medication to subside. People can feel anxious from time to time if they aren’t looking after themselves or they are going through a stressful time. This latter symptom is treatable in natural ways and by adopting certain behaviors. If it is a chronic condition, consider contacting your doctor to find out more longstanding coping strategies.

The key to dealing with anxiety is adopting helpful practices and executing them on a consistent basis. Things like exercise, staying off your phone where possible, fresh air, leisure, and eating well all contribute to a less cluttered mind. At PlantX, we believe in the power of nutrition to aid a calmer mind. 

One thing that is used in many different cultures in natural ways is teas that help with anxiety. Believe it or not, ancient cultures used tea for anxiety and depression. There are many natural ingredients that are included in herbal tea for anxiety. In this list, we will share some of these products and their de-stressing ingredients.

Best Teas For Anxiety & Stress

Numi Teas - De-Stress Tea

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Numi Teas - De-Stress Tea, 1.13oz
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There are a few teas like this amazing de-stress tea from Numi teas. These teas have compiled a range of natural ingredients that help to de-stress your body and mind. This tea harnesses passionflower, lemon verbena, lemon balm, and many more ingredients to calm your body during times of stress.

Each of these ingredients has been found to positively influence the onset of stress. Stress and anxiety influence the adrenal systems of your body and essentially make your body and mind feel that they are ready to fight or run. These ingredients are known to relax these systems and get you to a naturally calmer place.

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Yogi Teas - Tea Blueberry Sage

This amazing tea is packed full of delicious blueberry, sage, cinnamon, and floral flavor to make it a wonderfully tasty drink. All of these ingredients have positive impacts on your body's systems to help it run better and healthier.

This tea is reinforced with Ashwagandha root. Ashwagandha is an ancient root that has been used in Asian and African cultures for centuries. This root is known to have stress adaptogenic properties - meaning it can help your body adapt to stress when it feels it.

Yogi Teas - Tea Hibiscus Spicy Organic

So far we have explored teas that specifically targeted stress. This spicy hibiscus tea is designed to support good moods and bolster energy levels. Hibiscus is an ancient flower used in the Caribbean and African countries for hundreds of years. This flower has an amazing, tart flavor but it is also known to provide good feelings and subtle energy.

Caffeine is found in abundance in tea. Caffeine is known to induce and heighten feelings of anxiety during its energizing process. This natural alternative helps to boost your body’s energy in a natural, calm way.

Traditional Medicinals - Organic Smooth Move® Chamomile

This caffeine-free tea is made up of natural ingredients that help to calm your body. This is an example of a tea that has other benefits as well. This tea calms your body so much that it is in fact a natural laxative. Sometimes constipation can be a symptom of stress. Reduce the added strain on your body with this tea.

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Yogi Tea - Sweet Clementine Stress Support

We spoke before about adaptogens. Adaptogens are your best friend when it comes to stress. Instead of taking medication that suppresses the stressors, adaptogens help your body to adjust and calibrate when feeling these stresses.

This sweet clementine tea from Yogi Tea is packed full of adaptogens that can help prepare your body to adjust when needed. Ashwagandha is present again with lemon balm, orange peel, and more ingredients to help your body swerve stress.

Oteas - Organic Sleep Well

Finally, probably the most important aspect when trying to reduce stress is good quality sleep. Sleep can be hard to come by when stressed. Your body can wake you up in the middle of the night when anxiety strikes. It can also keep you awake when trying to sleep. Your body is in survival mode when sleep deprived and is not able to function well at all.

Nighttime teas like this amazing sleep-well tea are a great thing to have in your arsenal. Ensure you get as much physical activity in during the day to aid tiredness. Then, drink a mug of this while (hopefully) relaxing at the end of the day. This tea contains chamomile, licorice root, and lemon verbena that help to relax your body and mind before sleep.

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We hope you have enjoyed reading a bit about some amazing tools to help you with your sleeping pattern. It is a constantly changing, difficult thing to be in control of your body. We hope you have gained some inspiration on how to give yourself every fighting chance to feel happy and healthy while achieving your goals.