The Ugly Co - Upcycled Dried Fruits, 4oz Multiple Flavors

The Ugly Co - Upcycled Dried Fruits, 4oz Multiple Flavors

Brand - The Ugly Co
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Quick Description

Ugly fruit? Yes, ugly fruit! These ingenious Ugly Upcycled Dried Fruits are not only an awesome healthy snack but are also taking a stand to help combat food waste.

Key Information

  • All natural
  • Non-GMO
  • Nothing added
  • Upcycled
  • Vegan

Product Overview

These incredible and flavorsome dried fruits not only bring happiness in the shape of scrumptious snacks, but they also help prevent a huge problem that we face - food waste! The Upcycled Dried Fruits by The Ugly Company are made from perfectly delicious fruits that are discarded because of their appearance. But we know it’s what’s on the inside that counts! Are you looking for a fruit snack that doesn’t come with any additives? You have found the perfect solution!

These Ugly Upcycled Dried Fruits are made without preservatives, added sugar, or GMOs. Don’t you love it when you find a product that ticks all the boxes! Healthy, tasty and feel good! This makes these dried fruits a brilliant snack to go to. While these dried fruits are pitted and diced, there can be the occasional pit.

Upcycled Dried Peaches

The Upcycled Dried Peaches are deliciously tasty. Peaches come with boundless health benefits! Stocked full of nutrients and antioxidants, peaches may help boost the immune system. Looking after your health never felt so fun, easy, and scrumptious!

Upcycled Dried Apricots

Wondrous apricots may protect eye and skin health, giving yourself and your health a kind looking after. The amazing thing about these dried apricots is that they don’t come with the common preservative sulfur dioxide, meaning that they are completely pure!

Upcycled Dried Kiwis 

Kiwis are abundant in the much-needed vitamin C! This may give your immunity and health a helping hand. These glorious exotic fruits are a unique snack or a fun food offering with friends.

Upcycled Dried White Nectarines 

Nectarines are plentiful in vitamins and minerals. The Ugly Upcycled Dried White Nectarines are warm and comforting. A delicious addition to a healthy diet!


Upcycled Dry Peaches: 100% All-Natural California Peaches

Upcycled Dry Apricots: 100% All-Natural California Dry Apricots

Upcycled Dry Kiwis: 100% All-Natural California Kiwis

Upcycled Dried White Nectarines: 100% All-Natural California White Nectarines

What is the problem with food waste? 

In the USA, almost half of our food is wasted. Yikes! That is a lot of food! The impact of all of this food waste means a lot of food in landfills, and a lot of energy and freshwater going to waste. This all contributes to climate change. The Ugly Upcycled Dried Fruits have embraced the fruit that would have been discarded, and have made it into something beautiful. Are you an eco-warrior looking for foods that are ethically sourced?

Searching to find a product that really benefits the planet and the people on it? When you buy Ugly Upcycled Dried Fruits, you are becoming part of the solution to food waste and helping inventive solutions to help combat climate change. You are not only saving ugly fruit, but also helping local California farmers.

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