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Raw Guru - Organic Hazelnuts, 16oz

Raw Guru - Organic Hazelnuts, 16oz

Brand - Raw Guru
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Quick Description

Keep your vegan diet balanced and healthy with Raw Guru’s Organic Hazelnuts! These small but mighty nuts are packed with natural flavor and goodness.

Key Information

  • Raw hazelnuts
  • Organic and non-GMO
  • Gluten-free
  • Perfect for healthy snacking or for adding to vegan meals!

Product Overview

Need a healthy vegan snack that won’t leave your stomach rumbling afterward? Try out Raw Guru’s Organic Hazelnuts for a filling snack that will satisfy your hunger pangs and your taste buds!

With a classic nutty taste and a satisfyingly crunchy bite, these Organic Hazelnuts are super moreish. Although they taste great on their own, why not get creative? Add these raw, Organic Hazelnuts to salads, couscous, quinoa, risotto, or blend them to make a vegan hazelnut and chocolate spread!

Wholly organic and non-GMO, these raw Hazelnuts are a high-quality addition to a plant-based diet. Hazelnuts are naturally rich in vitamin E and are a good source of minerals. Did we mention they’re also gluten-free? 


Organic Raw Hazelnuts

Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean when an ingredient is ‘raw’?

These Organic Hazelnuts from Raw Guru are ‘raw.’ But what does that mean exactly? Raw food is food that has not been processed, heated over a certain temperature, pasteurized, or treated with chemicals. So these Hazelnuts won’t have been through any of those processes. It’s nothing but the nut!

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Raw Guru - Organic Hazelnuts, 16oz
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