Honestly, this is better than seafood. And it doesn’t harm the sea or the creatures that dwell in it. Need we say more? (Um, yes, read on for more juicy info!)

Plant-based seafood is - no surprise here - seafood that is entirely plant-based. It contains no actual seafood and has not been anywhere near any. It’s for us vegan, vegetarian, flexitarian, health and planet-conscious consumers.

The idea of vegan seafood is new, forward-thinking, and ready to hit the mainstream. You’re probably wondering what it's made of. And we don’t blame you. But trust us, you’ll want more. And more. Let us tell you that plant-based seafood is a game-changer.

The best vegan seafood that PlantX brings you is made of a range of nutritious, wholesome ingredients such as lentil flour, chickpea protein, konjac, and pea starch. It’s pure plant goodness in every bite.