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We all need to do our bit to protect the planet. Swapping your regular dish soap for natural dish soap is a great way to be more sustainable in your daily life. Vegan dish soap uses natural, biodegradable ingredients to make your dishes sparkling clean. Plus, it’s gentle on the skin, and of course, 100% cruelty-free! Switch to natural dish soap for a truly clean clean! 

What is Natural Dish Soap?

We’ve all heard of eco-friendly dish soap, but how does it differ from regular dish soap? 

Regular dish soap is made with chemical detergents, phosphates, sulfates, artificial fragrances, dyes and antibacterial agents like triclosan. These kinds of chemicals take a lot of energy to produce. 

When washed down the plughole, studies show that these chemical ingredients can pollute our waterways, harm aquatic life and cause problems at water treatment plants. They are also thought to potentially be linked to skin problems.

Natural dish soap, on the other hand, is free from these harmful chemicals. It is made with plant-based ingredients and uses plant power to remove grease and grime. Natural cleaning product companies are dedicated to creating eco-friendly dish soaps that really work and that don’t cost the earth. 

What are the Benefits of Natural Dish Soap? 

  • Natural dish soap is made with plant-based ingredients. Plant-based ingredients are renewable, sustainable and biodegradable. This means they require less energy to produce and they don’t hang around polluting our waterways when washed down the drain. . 
  • Natural ingredients are also less likely to cause skin irritation and many sustainable dish soaps are specially formulated for sensitive skin. This means you can wash the dishes without worrying about dry, red and flaky hands. 
  • Because plant-based dish soap is made with the planet in mind, it is usually packaged in sustainable materials such as post-consumer recycled plastic. 
  • Vegan dish soap is also 100% cruelty-free, meaning it is free from animal-derived products and never ever tested on animals. 

Natural dish soap is better for your skin, better for our planet and better for our furry friends! 

Does Natural Dish Soap Really Work? 

Perhaps bad reviews of natural dish soap have put you off. And it may be true that in the past, eco-friendly dish soaps may not have been as high performing as regular dish soaps. 

However, thanks to plant-based pioneering, plant-based dish soap today will leave your dishes sparkling clean, cutting through grease without the need for harsh chemicals. It may not create as many foamy suds as regular dish soap, but it certainly does the job, and does it well! 

What Dish Soap is Best For The Environment? 

The best dish soaps for the environment are made with biodegradable, non-toxic ingredients. If you spot phosphates, sulfates, triclosan or vague descriptors like ‘fragrances’ or ‘dyes’ on the ingredients list, then you’re not looking at a sustainable dish soap. Look out for plant-based dish soaps with clearer (and shorter) ingredients lists. 

The best natural dish soaps harness the power of nature, using effective plant-based cleaning agents to cut through grease and grime, without the need for chemicals. 

Luckily for you, here at PlantX, all of our vegan dish soaps are carefully chosen for their sustainability and cruelty-free credentials. Any one of our plant-based dish soaps is a caring and conscientious choice, for your skin and the planet! 

Natural Dish Soap - Top Picks

  • Made with plant-based ingredients, Mrs. Meyer's - Dish Soap is gentle on the hands and cuts through grease and grime using powerful botanical extracts. With a fantastic range of garden-fresh scents derived from natural essential oils, transform your daily chores into aromatherapy moments with this divine vegan dish soap!
  • Non-toxic, biodegradable and all-natural, Koala Eco - Natural Dish Soap - Lemon, Myrtle & Mandarin is designed to eliminate bacteria and banish odors, without the need for harmful chemicals. Plus, this natural dish soap bottle is made with 100% post-consumer recycled plastic. 
  • Almost magically multi-purpose, Dr. Bronner's - Pure-Castile Liquid Soap can be used for 18 different household purposes, including as a plant-based dish soap! The concentrated formula means a little goes a long way. Choose from a range of delightfully fresh, natural aromas. 

How Do I Use Natural Dish Soap? 

You can use natural dish soap just like you use regular dish soap. Here are a few top tips to ensure that your dishes come out sparkling clean and germ-free every time you use your vegan dish soap. 

  • Soak pots with more stubborn stains

Your natural dish soap is not a miracle worker. Pots with burned-on stains or thick grease need to soak in hot soapy water before they can be tackled. Fill these with water from the kettle and leave until the end so the water has time to work its magic!

  • Use hot water

All dish soap, including plant-based dish soap needs to be used with hot water so make sure you have enough before you begin. Remember to turn off the tap whilst you are scrubbing to save water. 

  • Wear gloves

While eco-friendly dish soap is much kinder to sensitive skin, it is still recommended to wear gloves every time you do the dishes. This protects your skin from any irritation and also means you can use hotter water, without getting dry, wrinkly prune hands! We recommend these earth-friendly natural rubber household gloves. 

  • Wash cleaner items first

Whether you run a basin of hot, soapy water, or squirt your eco-friendly dish soap straight onto your sponge or scrubbing brush, always start with the cleaner items like cutlery and glasses. Then you can move on to more soiled items like plates, bowls and finally pots and pans. This will limit the spread of grime and germs from dirtier dishes to clean ones, and will stop your brush or sponge getting coated in grease and grime. 

  • Get a good drying rack

You didn’t do all that hard work for your dishes just to become dirty again in a drying rack that pools dirty water. Invest in a high quality drying rack with a slanted drip tray that allows water to run away. Always allow dishes to air dry - this saves time and means you aren’t spreading germs with a dirty dish towel. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Natural Dish Soap Good For Sensitive Skin? 

Natural dish soap is a great option for those with sensitive skin. Free from artificial fragrances and dyes, as well as other irritants, plant-based dish soap is designed to be gentle on the skin. 

Mrs Meyer’s Clean Day Dish Soap contains naturally soothing ingredients such as aloe vera, to avoid dried out and flaky ‘dish-pan hands’. It also contains natural essential oils to offer an aromatherapy experience whilst washing the dishes!

If you struggle with exposure to products generally, we recommend you wear dishwashing gloves even when using natural dish soap to limit contact to the minimum. 

Can I Use Natural Dish Soap in The Dishwasher? 

Eco-friendly dish soap is specially designed for washing dishes by hand and shouldn’t be used in the dishwasher. If you’re looking for sustainable dishwasher solutions, check out our selection of cruelty-free dishwasher products, including pods, rinse aid and tablets.

Can I Use Natural Dish Soap to Wash My Dog?

We get it - your beloved pooch comes home covered in mud and you want him clean - stat! It can be tempting to just scoosh him down with the dish soap and start scrubbing. However, even natural dish soap is not designed for washing animals! It may strip your dog’s fur and skin of important natural oils and cause irritation. Keep your cruelty-free dish soap cruelty-free, and check out our Pets collection for vegan dog shampoo! 

Does Natural Dish Soap Kill Germs? 

Like regular dish soap and hand soap, natural dish soap does not kill germs like an anti-bacterial spray. Dish soap is designed to lift germs, dirt and bacteria off surfaces so they can be washed away by the hot water.

If you wash your dishes thoroughly with natural dish soap, they will be sparkling clean and germ-free, just like when you wash them with regular dish soap.