If You Care - Unbleached Tea Filters, 100-Pack

If You Care - Unbleached Tea Filters, 100-Pack

Brand - If You Care
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Quick Description

Time for loose leaf tea? Grab yourself a pack of If You Care’s Unbleached Tea Filters! A green choice that won't affect the taste at all. Put the kettle on!

Key Information

  • FSC Certified tea filters
  • Recyclable packaging for minimal waste
  • 100% unbleached and chlorine-free
  • Safer for the environment than other options
  • Perfect for brewing loose leaf tea
  • Short filter variety, ideal for single cups

Product Overview

Looking for alternatives to teabags containing plastic? If You Care’s Unbleached Tea Filters are perfect for brewing loose leaf tea without the guilt or worry!

Made with unbleached paper to avoid the harmful use of chlorine and its derivatives, these handy Tea Filters are a greener choice than many other options. The paper is also FSC Certified, meaning it is sustainably sourced.

You can make delicious tea infusions without the filters affecting the flavor with If You Care’s Tea Filters. Designed with the quality of your cuppa and their environmental impact in mind, you can rest assured these are a top-notch eco-friendly choice!


FSC certified unbleached paper

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose unbleached paper over bleached?

Naturally light brown or beige in color, all paper has to go through a bleaching process to become white. The process uses a chemical called chlorine dioxide, which has been shown to enter our water systems. Once there, it bonds with organic matter known as dioxins. These dioxins are incredibly toxic chemicals.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency states that an acceptable or safe level of dioxin exposure does not exist. Therefore, choosing unbleached paper, like all of the If You Care products, is a safer, more environmentally responsible choice, for us and the planet.

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