Ecover - Stain Remover, 6.75oz

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Ecover - Stain Remover, 6.75oz

Brand - Ecover
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Quick Description

Made from plant-derived and mineral ingredients, Ecover Stain Remover banishes mud, grass, grease, and more, without the need for harsh chemicals.

Key Information

  • Powerful Stain Remover
  • Vegan and Cruelty-Free
  • Plant-Based and Mineral Ingredients
  • Bottle Made From Recyclable Plastic
  • Built-In Stain-Fighting Brush

Product Overview

Ecover Stain Remover comes with a built-in brush to make tackling the most stubborn stains a breeze. The plant- and mineral-derived enzymes use the power of nature to loosen and eliminate built-in dirt and grime. This easy-to-apply natural stain remover will remove even protein-based stains from your clothes and linens, without bleach. Apply to stains before loading up the washing machine as normal, and marvel as your clothes come out just like new.

Ecover is leading the way in developing sustainable, cruelty-free home-keeping products that keep the planet clean as well as your laundry. Ecover’s carefully chosen stain-fighting formula is fully renewable, biodegradable, and free from harsh chemicals, ensuring this product will do no harm to our waterways and the aquatic life they support. Ecover Stain Remover is packaged in recyclable plastic.

How To Use

Moisten the fabric with water. Using the built-in applicator, apply Ecover Stain Remover sparingly. Work the liquid into the stained area using the brush. Place in the washing machine as normal. Watch stubborn stains disappear! 


Water (aqua), lauryl glucoside, sodium laureth sulfate, sodium chloride, alcohol, fragrance (parfum: linalool), citric acid, subtilisin, methylisothiazolinone, benzisothiazolinone, cellulase.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use Ecover Stain Remover on all fabrics?

Ecover recommends that you do not use their stain remover on wool, silk, or other delicate fabrics. While Ecover Stain Remover is made from all-natural ingredients, the powerful stain-removing enzymes and built-in scrubbing brush may be too harsh and damage more delicate items. This stain remover works best on cotton, linens, and poly-blend fabrics.

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