Rebel Green - Tree Free Toilet Tissue, 4pk

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Rebel Green - Tree Free Toilet Tissue, 4pk

Brand - Rebel Green
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Quick Description

Do your bit for mother nature with Rebel Green’s Tree Free Toilet tissue. Made 100% from sustainable bamboo, join the tree-free movement today.

Key Information

  • 100% Tree Free
  • Super soft, fluffy, and absorbent
  • Chlorine Free
  • Made from sustainable bamboo.
  • A portion of each purchase of Rebel Green Tree Free products goes towards planting more trees worldwide.

Product Overview

Do you know how many trees are needed per day to replace the toilet tissue we humans use daily? 27,000 trees. Not only that, other harmful chemicals that hurt our planet, including chlorine bleach, are all too often used to replenish those rolls stored in your cupboards.

Time for us vegans to make a switch - and, luckily, with Rebel Green, we can.

Rebel Green uses sustainable bamboo to make super soft toilet tissue good for us and our planet. Bamboo can grow up to 2-and-a-half feet per day and is ready to be harvested again in around 3-4 months. Compared to trees, which take around 30 years to grow and 10 or more years to replace, this is a much more sustainable method. Trees are also homes for many animals and refill our air with oxygen so we can all keep breathing.

Trees do so much for us, let's get on their side.

Rebel Green’s luxury soft toilet tissue is 100% free from trees and chlorine. With no quality sacrificed, there is no excuse - join the tree-saving revolution today!


Made from sustainable bamboo.

Frequently Asked Questions

What about the pandas who eat bamboo as part of their diet? Does Rebel Green cause them any harm?

Rebel Green loves our planet, including the beautiful pandas that co-exist here with us. They would never steal food from our panda friends. There are at least 1500 species of bamboo on our special planet. The bamboo grass that Rebel Green uses has been certified as a type that pandas do not use as a source of food. So, our panda pals can continue chomping away on delicious bamboo!

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