If You Care - Natural Rubber Household Gloves, 1 Pair Multiple Sizes

If You Care - Natural Rubber Household Gloves, 1 Pair Multiple Sizes

Brand - If You Care
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Quick Description

Looking for an easy eco-friendly swap? If You Care’s Natural Rubber Household Gloves are a reliable low-waste option. Reusable, compostable, and plastic-free!

Key Information

  • Responsibly sourced latex gloves
  • No fillers
  • Compostable
  • Low-waste option
  • Perfect for washing up, household cleaning, and more!

Product Overview

If it’s time to make some eco-friendly choices, let the If You Care Natural Rubber Household Gloves help you out. They’re a greener choice that doesn’t compromise on strength or durability!

Made from FSC Certified latex, these reusable gloves contain no fillers, like many other brands. They are 100% latex, made from natural rubber that is sourced from responsibly managed plantations. Furthermore, the rubber tappers involved in acquiring the raw material receive a fair trade premium, making it an ethical choice, too.

Ideal for a range of uses from dishwashing to gardening, these handy gloves are fully compostable. Simply cut into small pieces with scissors and compost, rather than sending them off to landfills. Available in both medium and large sizes.


100% Fair Trade Certified Natural Latex Rubber

Frequently Asked Questions

How does If You Care ensure the natural rubber it uses is fair trade?

If You Care is a registered member of the Fair Rubber Association. This organization advocates for the environmentally-friendly production of natural rubber. 

Beyond this, the Fair Rubber Association works hard to make sure that the payments the rubber tappers receive meet the Fair Trade premium. This means you can choose If You Care’s Natural Rubber Household gloves safe in the knowledge that they are both a sustainable and ethical choice.

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