Which Indoor Plants Are Suitable For Christmas Gifting?

Which Indoor Plants Are Suitable For Christmas Gifting?

Plants make great cruelty-free Christmas gifts that keep long after the Christmas decorations come down. Not only do our leafy friends bring life and personality to a space (especially valuable during the dark winter months) but they increase relaxation and productivity simultaneously, purify the air, and provide a helpful reminder of the importance of caring for other life on the planet. As plants become increasingly popular in people’s homes even the least green-thumbed among us can’t deny that plants at least make great in-person desk pals when working from home.

How Do I Choose The Right Indoor Plant Gift?

Choosing the ideal Christmas indoor plant gift is not always easy. The secret is to pick a plant that not only looks great in the winter, but also suits your friend, relative, or partner’s lifestyle, personality, and taste, but how is that done? 

With over 391,000 known species of plants, there is an indoor plant gift to suit every person and every lifestyle. The question is how to pick. Every time your friend, relative, or partner sees their new plant pal they will be reminded of you, so it’s important to take care to pick a plant that they will get on with well.

Our Top 7 Christmas indoor plant gifts...

As with all good gifts, the trick to giving a great indoor plant gift is to make it personal. Here are some top indoor plant gift ideas that make amazing Christmas gifts, each for different reasons, and different people!

1. Christmas Cactus

Christmas Cactus

This cheerful little festive cactus proves that cruelty-free Christmas gifts offer just as much - if not more - festive spirit, than a conventional Christmas gift. Each year in December this cactus decorates its-self with red, white, pink, yellow, and purple flowers that blossom along the tips of its leaves like tiny Christmas lights. It is very easy to care for, making it a great gift to start off a plant newbie's collection of green friends. This jungle cactus is just the right size to bring festive cheer to any space, whether slotted onto a shelf, placed pride of place on a work desk, or perched mischievously on a windowsill.

2. String of Hearts

String of Hearts

The string of hearts plant is the ideal decoration to replace the plastic Christmas tinsel. Not only is it infinitely more stylish, with its silvery leaves and delicate pink flowers, but these environmentally friendly strings of hearts are acceptable to keep up all year round. With their rapid growth, they will continually change how they decorate a space. 

Why We Love It

This plant is great for homes without much space or that are shared with small children or pets who like to curiously dismantle floor plants. Simply place this plant on a high-up shelf and allow its delicate vines to cascade down, or carefully drape them across the wall, the underside of a bunk bed, inside of a campervan, across the window – you name it these vines really do look great anywhere! This is a particularly good indoor plant gift for creative friends as its flexible vines can be wrapped around any shape and in any direction.

3. Triostar


This beautiful plant is the true alternative star of a cruelty-free planet-friendly Christmas. The bold hot pink underneath its dark green and cream leaves adds a tropical twist to the traditional Christmas color pallet. This plant is native to Brazil and brings a touch of sunshine and cheer to even the coldest and greyest winter days. 

Why We Love It

Triostar is an easy-going plant that can tolerate low light, so will be fine through the winter. It is also non-toxic, so you don’t have to worry about those brightly colored leaves occasionally enticing small children and pets.

4. Fishbone Cactus

Fishbone Cactus

Choose a nocturnal plant pal to accompany your nocturnal friend! Otherwise known as Ric Rac Cactus, Zig-Zag Cactus, or Queen of the Night, this plant is a quirky and mysterious character that produces scented flowers that open only when the sun has gone down. 

Why We Love It

Fishbone cacti are great for those who are often traveling, busy, or often forgetting about their plants. This hardy Mexican jungle cactus is a great indoor plant gift. It only requires the occasional watering and despite its hardy nature it has no spines and is non-toxic.

5. Alocasia 'Poly'

Alocasia 'Poly'

Looking to give an indoor plant gift that is edgy, unusual, and impressive? This is your plant. Alocasia ‘Poly’s deep green leaves, are balanced elegantly like spinning plates on its tall stems, make a striking impression silhouetted against a plain background. For friends or family who are decorating a new space, this plant can be a stunning statement piece.

Why We Love It

Alocasia ‘Poly’ lives up to its dark, delicate beauty. Its pointed leaves burn easily in direct sunlight, and it must be kept out of reach of children and pets as it is toxic.

6. Good Luck Cactus


Good Luck Cactus


Otherwise known as the Friendship Cactus, Good Luck Cactus, and Cathedral Cactus this unusual red cactus exudes Christmas charm. Although it starts off as an easily transportable little plant this cactus grows fast and can quickly become a majestic 8-foot symbol of a flourishing friendship. 

Why We Love It

This bright coral-like cactus is remarkably easy to look after and can be easily propagated, so if you are lucky you may even receive one of its cactus babies yourself as a future gift. This truly is a perfect gift to reflect the joy of great friendship!

7. Peace Lily

Peace Lily

Let’s face it, bringing family together around Christmas can bring with it all kinds of tensions. Why not give a gift that will quite literally clear the air? Gifting this majestic symbol of peace can be part of a subtle effort to support harmonious family relations over the festive period, or to represent hopes for the new year. The Peace Lily gets its name from its simple white flowers which represent the white flag recognized around the world as a symbol of peace. 

Why We Love It

This iconic Peace Lily is the queen of clear communication and will indicate when it needs through its leaves which will droop when it needs water.

Our Final Thoughts

Even from this small selection of the diverse range of indoor plant gifts available to order from PlantX’s website, you can see that there really is a suitable plant gift for every type of person and all kinds of relationships! Once you have chosen your indoor plant gift it’s important to check if it requires any plant accessories, such as misters and fertilizer, in order to be given the full care it deserves. If you are tight for time and unable to decide which plant gift to give we can even pick a plant for you. Just write a personalized message and leave the choosing, wrapping, and sending to us!