10 Amazing Ways To Use Maple Syrup In Your Foods

10 Amazing Ways To Use Maple Syrup In Your Foods

Maple syrup and pancakes, the iconic Sunday breakfast that brightened up our life since childhood. Would you believe us if we told you that maple syrup is much more versatile than it looks? The plant based syrup goes on almost everything, mix it in with your veggies or glaze it on your vegan bacon. Want to learn more? Our list of maple syrup uses will make your mouth water.

Maple Syrup & Vegan Bacon

Maple syrup and Vegan Bacon

Glaze your vegan bacon with a dash of maple syrup. The salty bacon greatly complements the sweet nature of the maple syrup. The result is a savory breakfast with a smoky tone that has a tinge of sweetness in each bite. 

Seitan bacon absorbs flavor exceptionally well. This allows the sweetness of the maple syrup to mix well with the flavor of the bacon. This ensures that your taste buds don’t get overwhelmed by sweetness.

Dash your roasted veggies with Maple Syrup

roasted veggies with Maple Syrup

It’s never easy to feed veggies to your kids or even to your partner in some cases! Maple syrup can be your saving grace on this near-impossible feat.

Cut up your favorite vegetables. We recommend using a combination of carrots, pumpkin, sweet potatoes and parsnips. Make sure they are peeled and you have removed all the seeds. Seeds can add a harsh taste when bitten into.

Toss in your veggies to a baking tray lined with baking paper. Add in olive oil and maple syrup to the mix and rustle them around to evenly coat each piece. Season the vegetables well and the preparation is complete.

The oven should be preheated to 355F. We recommend roasting the veggies for 55 minutes to make them tender and juicy.

Mix it in with your vegan butter

When it comes to maple syrup uses, we bet you’ve never thought about adding it into vegan butter!

Our personal favorite is the cinnamon and maple syrup flavored vegan butter. It is easy to make and it can be done using all vegan maple syrup brands. The whole procedure takes only four ingredients and less than an hour to make: finely powdered sugar, cinnamon powder, maple syrup plant based and vegan butter.

Watch as your freshly made cinnamon and maple butter livens up your breakfast table like no other. It goes on everything from bagels to toast. If you are feeling creative, it can even be used to make vegan ice cream!

Create a delicious maple based applesauce

We did some experimenting! How about we make applesauce taste even better!

By using vegan maple syrup as the base for the applesauce, you can create a delicious sauce that can be used on a variety of dishes. The plant based syrup gives the sauce a smoky vibe and aftertaste.

The sauce enhances savory dishes, giving them an extra kick. A hearty addition to a Saturday night dinner! Maybe surprise everyone by making a cocktail out of it. The leftover sauce can be used the following morning on your pancakes for a delicious Sunday breakfast.

Level up your Bourbon sours

Bourbon sours

It wouldn’t be a completed list of maple syrup uses if it doesn’t include a fancy drink!

Bourbon sour is a classic cocktail loved by many. But do you want your bourbon sours to be the talk of the evening? Try using maple syrup to add a hint of sweetness to the drink.

Bourbon sours are easy to make and this is no different. For a jug of Bourbon sours, we recommend 1.5 cups of Bourbon, ¾ cups of lemon and around 100ml of vegan maple syrup. Of course, you can change the quantities to match your preference.

Popcorn for a movie night

Popcorn for a movie night

Bored of the same old salted popcorn? Liven up your movie night with some popcorn glazed with maple syrup.

To make the maple drizzle, add the maple syrup to a pan, letting it simmer. Make sure you don’t burn the syrup. We recommend adding in a dash of vanilla essence once it's off the heat for a heavenly aroma. Make sure the popcorn is well salted and seasoned before adding in the maple syrup. Toss it around in a bowl and voila!

Soups make the best comfort foods


A good soup has been the staple comfort food for generations. A hot bowl of steaming soup can bring the color back to your faces in just a few sips!

Maple syrup can be added onto soups to give it a sweet aftertaste. The smoky flavor of the maple syrup greatly compliments the roasted vegetables that are often added to soups. Our personal favorite is the Sweet and savory Roasted pumpkin soup. It is sweet and warm, giving you a tingle that goes all the way down to your toes!

Try adding it to Julia’s delicious Pumpkin Soup Recipe!

Bake up some treats!

Maple Syrup goes well with baked goods. You probably already know that it can be used as a topping, but did you know that it can be used as a baking ingredient?

Maple pies are delicious and most recipes are completely vegan friendly. These are often known as sugar pies. As the name suggests, every bite is just bursting with sweetness. Our personal favorite is the vegan Canadian maple pie. 

A Nutty snack!

Looking to add a healthy snack to your diet? You can never go wrong with nuts. But instead of munching on a boring plain bowl of nuts, let’s give it some flavor!

You can use a nut of your preference, personally, we roll with almonds and walnuts. The bitter walnuts go well with the sugary syrup.

The snack can be made in a few minutes. Heat your nuts in a skillet to give it an extra crunch. Then remove the skillet from the heat and add in your maple syrup. Put it back on the heat, stirring till the syrup crystallizes enclosing the nuts in the sugars.

Is it really oatmeal?


Have trouble with adding oatmeal into your diet? The plain taste can be difficult to digest for most individuals. However, a splash of maple syrup makes a bowl of oatmeal as delectable as it can get! This works with both oatmeal and porridge.

And That's a Wrap!

Amazed yet? This is just the beginning of your relationship with maple syrup! If you are like us, you’d be adding this to everything! It truly is a delightful addition to one's kitchen.