Top 5 Indoor Plants for Small Apartments

Top 5 Indoor Plants for Small Apartments

Is there any other object, other than maybe a long lost Van Gogh, that brings more life, color, and joy to your home than cleverly selected and arranged indoor plants? No matter how dull your design skills are, you can count on greenery to round off any room and give it life. It's been proven that plants in your home can alleviate stress and do wonders for your overall well-being.   Many shy away from bringing nature indoors due to a fear of failing mother nature and killing another batch of seedlings, but there’s good news; not all plants need as much TLC as others. If you're prone to watering your kettle more than your plants, maybe an exotic orchid shouldn't be your go-to companion for interior design.    Succulents have made a comeback and are all the rage in modern contemporary, cottage style, and even retro home interiors. The best point in their favor is that they need minimum dedication and will stay alive even if you follow just a few instructions at Sublime Succulents to start with.    On top of being easy to care for, they take up minimal space, so are perfect for smaller areas. Let's take a look at five indoor plants for small apartments and busy lifestyles.

Best Indoor Plants for Smaller Spaces

Succulent collection for a small apartment space.  

Burro's Tail

Let's start in the air with this little native Mexican beauty. Also known as the Sedum Morganianum, this plant is perfect for hanging with its long and fat trailing stems. The branches can grow up to two feet long and have either gray/green or gray/blue leaves.    You can use this potted plant on window sills and shelves if you don't want to hang it, and the long stems will look beautiful as they spiral downwards. The Burro's Tail prefers full sunlight and moderate watering.   

Aloe Vera

The Aloe Vera plant is a gorgeous green/gray succulent with long and pointed stems that grow upright into the air. Not only can the plant bring height and balance to various shelves and corners in your apartment, but it's also an excellent tried and tested anti-inflammatory disinfectant.    If you cut or burn yourself while cooking, don't fret. Cut a small piece off the Aloe stem and rub the injury with the plant's sticky juice; the same goes for sunburns. Aloe has a relaxing and cooling effect on skin irritations and is truly a miracle plant to keep handy.  

Zebra Cactus

You'll immediately recognize this spectacular little potted plant by the white stripes running horizontally across each stem. When arranged with other potted succulents of various sizes on a shelf, table, or corner, it adds a spice of the wild to your decorations.    The fabulous thing about this native African plant is that it's happy with very little space, and you can use small containers to plant it. It also needs very little care as it nudges its way forward in a very self-sufficient way.   

Crown of Thorns

We all need color in our lives, and this pretty pleaser provides that without any effort at all. The Euphorbia Miili doesn't look like a succulent but is classified as one and hardly needs more attention than her cousins.    The plant is native to Madagascar and can bloom throughout the year if you place it in a light-filled spot. The leaves appear long and spoon-shaped and covers most of the thorny branches, which is why it's not easily recognized as a succulent. Its little flowers will supply you with tiny red, yellow, and salmon-colored delight.  

Hens and Chicks

If you're looking for a plant that covers large parts of soil with spectacular rose-like plants, then opt for a few Hens and Chicks. The name adequately describes how quickly this plant increases and can cover a large pot of soil rather quickly, leaving you with an easy to care for pot full of beautiful greenery.    This little plant is also lovingly referred to as a desert rose in some parts of the world as they grow rapidly in arid desert regions.

That's a Wrap

Woman sitting next to her indoor plant collection while reading a book.   Keep in mind that all succulents need very little water, which is just another reason why they're such a pleasure to arrange all over your apartment. Even if you left it without water for a few weeks (accidentally, of course), you wouldn't quickly kill it. With a splash of H2O, they'll soon pick up where you left them and continue to flourish.   -Rebecca Alston