How To Make Delicious Vegan Hot Chocolate In Just 5 Minutes

How To Make Delicious Vegan Hot Chocolate In Just 5 Minutes

Today is January 31st, also known as National Hot Chocolate Day. Celebrate the nation’s favorite chocolate beverage in style with our decadent and delicious vegan hot chocolate recipe, ready in just a few minutes!

Here at PlantX, we think hot chocolate is one of the best drinks ever! Smooth, rich, sweet and creamy, it makes you feel warm inside and out. And vegan hot chocolate is even better. Not only does it taste equally (if not more) delicious, but those warm fuzzies are doubled as you sip, knowing your hot choc is better for you and better for the planet. 

The Best & Easiest Vegan Hot Chocolate

While traditional hot chocolate is made with dairy milk, dairy chocolate, refined sugar and whipped cream, our take on the best vegan hot chocolate is a little different… Here at PlantX, we have an amazing collection of chocolate goodies just waiting to be transformed into a warming, rich and chocolatey brew! 

We get it - sometimes you get a hankering for something and you want it NOW! That’s how we feel whenever the idea of vegan hot chocolate pops into our heads. That’s why we came up with a luscious vegan hot chocolate recipe that takes just 5 minutes to prepare. Set a timer - we bet you’ll be savoring the first sip before it goes off! 

Let’s get cozy…

Hot Chocolate - in the Hot Seat

Before we get down to business, how about some fun facts about hot chocolate to get you in the mood?! After all, each time you drink your vegan hot chocolate, you’re partaking in a little taste of history… 

History of Hot Chocolate

Mesoamerican Origins

Hot chocolate is thought to have originated with the Olmec civilization (the earliest major Mesoamerican civilization) thousands of years ago. It was adopted by the Mayans and later the Aztecs. This original version of vegan hot chocolate was known as xocoatl and was made with chilli peppers, toasted corn and water. It would have been rich, bitter and intensely spiced. 

It was brought to Europe by the conquistadors after the destruction of the Aztec Empire in 1528. 

A Brew for the Well-to-do

Hot chocolate was a hit amongst the elite in 17th century England. In fact, chocolate ‘houses’ (like coffee houses) were popular places to debate politics, philosophy, art and more. The chocolate was served in fancy decorative pitchers made of gold, silver and porcelain.

Fit for the Fast? 

Hot chocolate was a cause of religious controversy. The issue was deciding whether it should be classed as a drink or a food, with regards to Catholic fasting rituals. In the late 16th century, it was Pope Gregory XIII who decreed that hot chocolate could be consumed while fasting!

Thomas Jefferson’s Taste

Thomas Jefferson was a big fan of hot chocolate! In fact, he predicted it would soon be the nation’s favorite drink, over and above tea and coffee. 

Sips for Soldiers 

Since its conception, hot chocolate has been thought to be a fortifying drink for soldiers. Motenzuma’s warriors were said to drink it before going into battle. Soldiers in the Revolutionary War were given hot chocolate mixes in their rations, and doctors offered it to the wounded. The YMCA also served thousands of cups of hot chocolate to soldiers on the battlefront during WW1. 

Right, enough studying - time for simmering! 

The Best Vegan Hot Chocolate Recipe

How To Make Delicious Vegan Hot Chocolate In Just 5 Minutes

Ready in just 5 minutes! 

Our super quick vegan hot chocolate recipe is made with Lakanto Drinking Chocolate. This special cocoa mix is a low-carb, low-cal, gluten-free alternative to regular drinking chocolate. It is sweetened with monk fruit, a 0 calorie, 0 glycemic sweetener with all the delicious sweetness of regular sugar. That means you can enjoy the best vegan hot chocolate, no matter what dietary needs you may have! 



  • Set a timer for 5 minutes. 
  • In a small saucepan, place plant milk, cinnamon, vanilla extract, and Lakanto Drinking Chocolate.
  • Heat over low-medium heat, whisking frequently until warm.
  • Pour your vegan hot chocolate into a mug, and dollop with a spoonful of your favorite plant-based whipped cream. You could even add a scattering of vegan marshmallows!
  • Take your first smooth and delicious sip, just as the timer pings! 

Or, why not try our Quick & Easy Superfood Hot Chocolate recipe, made with Laird Superfood Cacao Creamer?! 


If you’re keen to mix things up, but still short on time, try out some of our super quick variations. You’ll still be sipping and satisfied within minutes! 

Zesty Orange Vegan Hot Chocolate

If you love the winning flavor combo of chocolate and orange (and who doesn’t?!), simply add a drop of orange extract to the saucepan for a delicious citrussy lift. You could even top with a twist of orange zest and still have time to spare! 

Perfect Peppermint Vegan Hot Chocolate

Like a candy cane, but sippable - just add a drop of peppermint extract and omit the vanilla extract and cinnamon. The mint adds a beautiful botanical accent to the rich chocolate. You heard it here first - some flavor combos were just mint to be! 

5 Minute Mocha 

Save your hard-earned dollars by making your morning mocha at home. Add a shot (or two) of espresso to your mug before pouring the chocolate mixture over the top. Barista-standard energy-boosting perfection! 

Sumptuously Spiced Vegan Hot Chocolate

If you like things hot and spicy, add a pinch of cayenne pepper and a dash of nutmeg when you add the cinnamon. In fact, this variation takes hot chocolate back to its Mesoamerican origins. The Mayans served their chocolate with hot chili peppers and it was vegan! 

Scandinavian Vegan Hot Chocolate 

If you’re in need of some happy hygge vibes, why not try making a classic Scandi-style vegan hot chocolate? Add two bashed cardamom pods, or a pinch of ground cardamom to the mix along with the cinnamon and simmer as directed. Remember to remove the whole pods before serving. Skål!

Iced Vegan Chocolate 

At the moment, hot drinks are all we can think about! But maybe you live somewhere warmer and still want to get the chocolate hit without the heat. Luckily, Lakanto Drinking Chocolate can also be mixed with cold milk! Just froth or whizz your mixture as you would a shake or smoothie and pour over ice. 

Before you Co-coa…

Delicious Vegan Hot Chocolate In Just 5 Minutes

So there you have it - perfect vegan hot chocolate ready in just 5 minutes, with variations to keep you going until the spring. Now when you return from a wintry walk and need something warming, or fancy a hug in a mug to enjoy while you’re watching a movie, you know what to do! 

We guarantee that your vegan hot chocolate will be velvety, luxurious and sumptuously sweet. And don’t forget, by choosing to dodge the dairy, your chocolatey brew is helping to protect the planet and take a stand against the cruel conditions of the dairy industry. 

Check out our 100% cruelty-free chocolate collection for more plant-powered pleasures. 

If you like our vegan hot chocolate recipe, we’d love to hear from you. Remember to tag us on instagram @goplantx to show us your cozy cocoa creations!