Wholesome - Cane Sugar (Raw Turbinado & Organic), 16oz Multiple Flavors

Wholesome - Cane Sugar (Raw Turbinado & Organic), 16oz Multiple Flavors

Brand - Wholesome
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Quick Description

Wholesome’s delectable range of cane sugars is serving up sweetness the natural way! Full-bodied flavor harvested from sugar cane around the world.

Key Information

  • Fair Trade
  • Gluten-Free
  • Kosher
  • Non-GMO
  • 30 calories per serving

Product Overview

Make your pantry pop with Wholesome’s collection of natural cane sugars. From Organic Cane Sugar to Natural Raw Cane Turbinado Sugar, you can find the refined kind that best suits your sweet tooth.

Both are a 1:1 substitute for your garden variety white or refined sugar, providing all the great flavor without the chemical interference from farming and processing.

A versatile addition to the kitchen, you can top any beverage or baked good with the remarkably sweet taste of Wholesome - and at only 30 calories per serving, you can’t go wrong!

Organic Cane Sugar

Wholesome provides the perfect sweet substitute to commercial sugar and a taste you can trust! Hand-harvested in organic sugarcane fields in South America, this sugar is unrefined and rich in the area’s natural molasses, for a warmer, fuller taste than your standard white. Plus, it’s minimally processed and grown without chemicals, herbicides, or pesticides, so it’s abundant in natural goodness. Did we mention it’s Fair Trade too?

Natural Raw Cane Turbinado Sugar

They say blondes have more fun… See what all the fuss is about for yourself with Wholesome’s Natural Raw Cane Turbinado Sugar. Each blond crystal of sugar is rich in natural molasses from its canes in Malawi and Mauritius, for a tropical taste sensation with essences of caramel. Whether you’re after a smooth addition to a hot drink or crunchy kick to top your favorite dessert, this turbinado sugar is the piece de resistance to a whole host of treats.


100% organic cane sugar
100% raw cane turbinado sugar

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Wholesome’s FairTrade promise all about?

Wholesome is committed to ensuring all their products are sustainably sourced, which is why their organic Powdered Confectioners’ Sugar is Fair Trade Certified.
Fair Trade sugar was initially launched to improve the position of small-scale sugar cane growers and their dependent communities, which were being undervalued by the global sugar market.

This means that premiums from every sale go directly back to the farmers that grow and harvest the sugarcane, creating a positive impact on their community’s infrastructure, improving essential things like education, healthcare and more. So why not pay some sweetness forward?

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