Swerve - Sugar Replacement, 12oz Multiple Choices

Swerve - Sugar Replacement, 12oz Multiple Choices

Brand - Swerve
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Quick Description

Introducing the magical Swerve Sugar Replacement! In 3 yummy varieties, you can add sweetness to your life without the nasty chemicals or calories!

Key Information

  • Natural sweetener
  • Zero-calorie
  • Diabetic-friendly
  • No artificial flavors or preservatives
  • 3 varieties: Brown, Confectioners, and Granular

Product Overview

Searching for the ultimate sugar alternative? Look no further than Swerve’s Sugar Replacement in Brown, Confectioners, and Granular! This life-changing erythritol product bakes and measures just like sugar to keep things nice and simple.

Swerve’s Sugar Replacement is made from all-natural ingredients derived from healthy fruits and vegetables and will transform your baking, desserts, teas, and coffees. Unlike many sugar alternatives, there’s NO bitter aftertaste and it caramelizes just like sugar.

It’s low carb, calorie-free, tooth-friendly, and has excellent baking and cooking functionality. Made from Erythritol, it’s non-glycemic and ideal for keto-friendly desserts.

Once again in disbelief: ZERO artificial ingredients and ZERO calories. As Swerve themselves say, ‘Join the Swervolution!’

Swerve Sugar Replacement Brown

Brown Sugar Replacement is the newest addition to the Swerve range and can be used anywhere that typically calls for brown sugar (as well as in coffee and tea!). Try it in cookies, caramel sauces, or glaze a baked ham!

Swerve Sugar Replacement Confectioners

Swerve Sugar Replacement Confectioners edition is a zero-calorie, carb-free icing sugar replacement. There’s no reason now not to slather your favorite vegan cakes in soft sweet goodness!

Swerve Sugar Replacement Granular

The classic Swerve Sugar Replacement - Granular is our go-to for plopping into teas and coffees, adding to sauces, and bringing our baking to life.


Swerve Sugar Replacement Brown
Erythritol, Prebiotic Oligosaccharides, Vegetable Glycerin, Fruit Juice Concentrate (for color), Natural Flavor.

Swerve Sugar Replacement Confectioners
Erythritol, Oligosaccharides, Natural Flavors.

Swerve Sugar Replacement Granular
Erythritol, Oligosaccharides, Natural Flavors.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is Swerve Sugar Replacement made?

Swerve Sugar Replacement contains just 3 ingredients: erythritol, oligosaccharides, and natural flavors. Erythritol is made through fermenting glucose with a microorganism in a tank - just like you would with wine.

Enzymes are added to fruit and root vegetables to break down their starch, which produces oligosaccharides. Lastly, natural flavors are added to ensure that it tastes just like sugar. Magic!

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