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Sweetleaf - Stevia Water Drops®, 48 Servings Various Flavors

Sweetleaf - Stevia Water Drops®, 48 Servings Various Flavors

Brand - Sweetleaf
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Quick Description

Make water exciting! SweetLeaf Stevia Water Drops add mouth-watering flavors to regular water with 0% sugar, gluten, and calories. That’s 100% better than soda!

Key Information

  • Enhances the taste of water
  • Non-caloric alternative to concentrates and sodas
  • Sweetened with stevia and monk fruit
  • Naturally-flavored
  • No sugar and gluten, non-GMO and keto-friendly

Product Overview

SweetLeaf Stevia Water Drops are a sugar-free way to freshen up!

Deliciously fruity with nature-derived flavors, SweetLeaf Stevia Water Drops instantly turn water into fine WOW-ter!

Sweetened with the World’s Best-Tasting Stevia™, SweetLeaf Stevia Water Drops add flavor without any sugar, so you can enjoy a non-caloric alternative to sodas and concentrates.

Want more excitement? PourSweetLeaf Stevia Water Drops into iced tea and create interesting infusions. Or feed two birds with one scone and enhance your fruit shakes with flavor and sugar-free sweetness all at the same time.

Curious? Great! There’s a feast at SweetLeaf! Grab one (or all!) from the fruit basket:

Lemon Lime

Like lemon-lime soda, definitely refreshing!

Mixed Berry

A fusion of juicy raspberries, blueberries, and blackberries! Just delightful.

Peach Mango

Intercontinental union of stone fruits. A perfect combination.

Raspberry Lemonade

Not your usual lemonade—not too tangy or too sweet. It’s a berry delicious take on a popular summertime drink.

Strawberry Kiwi

Juiciest combination in the bunch. Like taking a bite of real fruit!

Tropical Punch

Plums, pineapples, and mangoes—exactly what a tropical holiday should taste like!


Glycerin, natural flavors, citric acid, malic acid, monk fruit extract, stevia leaf extract, sodium citrate.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many carbs does SweetLeaf Stevia Water Drops have?

Each serving (1 ml) contains 1 gram of carbohydrates.

Are there artificial colorings in SweetLeaf Stevia Water Drops?

SweetLeaf Stevia Water Drops do not contain artificial colorings.

How do I use SweetLeaf Stevia Water Drops?

Just pour and stir, it’s that easy! Serving size is 1 squeeze per cup of water, but you can use less or more depending on your preference.

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