Sweetleaf - Stevia Syrup Maple Flavored, 12oz

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Sweetleaf - Stevia Syrup Maple Flavored, 12oz

Brand - Sweetleaf
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Quick Description

What’s the best partner for fluffy pancakes? SweetLeaf’s Stevia Maple-Flavored Syrup! With low calories and no table sugar, it’s a good excuse to have one more pancake.

Key Information

  • Low-calorie maple syrup alternative
  • Sweetened with stevia and monk fruit
  • Sugar-free
  • All-natural recipe
  • Gluten-free, non-GMO

Product Overview

The classic flavor of maple syrup without the sugar—that’s SweetLeaf’s Stevia Maple-Flavored Syrup!

Naturally sweetened with stevia and monk fruit, SweetLeaf’s Stevia Maple-Flavored Syrup is a better way to sweeten your morning pancakes.

Not just for pancakes, SweetLeaf’s Stevia Maple-Flavored Syrup can be used to sweeten your coffee or iced tea. Use it in baking as an alternative to maple syrup and enjoy low-calorie maple-flavored goodies.

Tired of boring diet sweeteners? You’ll feel better pairing your diet snack or beverage with SweetLeaf’s Stevia Maple-Flavored Syrup. It’s not only scrumptious, but it’s also all-natural, sugar-free, gluten-free, and heart-friendly.


Purified water, vegetable glycerin, cultured dextrose (a preservative), natural flavors, xanthan gum, stevia leaf extract, caramel color, monk fruit extract.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does SweetLeaf’s Stevia Maple-Flavored Syrup contain real maple syrup?

No, it does not contain maple syrup. This is a zero sugar stevia and monkfruit sweetened syrup with a maple syrup flavor.

How many carbohydrates does SweetLeaf’s Stevia Maple-Flavored Syrup contain?

Each serving of SweetLeaf’s Stevia Maple-Flavored Syrup contains 15 g of carbohydrates, supplied by the glycerin base.

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