Sabor Mexicano - Plant-Based Queso Original

Sabor Mexicano - Plant-Based Queso Original - (front)
Sabor Mexicano - Plant-Based Queso Original - (back)
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Sabor Mexicano - Plant-Based Queso Original

Brand - Sabor Mexicano
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Quick Description

Cheese-up ya life with this Queso Plant-Based Original! Vegan nachos will never be the same again.

Key Information

  • Homemade
  • No Added Sugar
  • 100% Natural Ingredients

Product Overview

How many times have you sat down to feast on a bowl of nachos and thought ‘damn, I wish I had the queso sauce!’ Let us recommend Sabor Mexicano to provide you with the goods. This is the stuff.. homemade with only the finest plant-based ingredients, with just the right amount of fire from the jalapeno pepper, your Mexican food will never lack its trusty side-kick again.

You can serve up this Queso Plant-Based Original warm or hot. Beuno! Sabour Mexicano is led by head chef and creator, Jorge Salanda. He showcases the true wonder of Mexican cuisine at his two restaurants in California and at Sabor Mexicano Farmhouse where he and his team grow the produce for all the restaurants and food products. We’re talking about fresh salsas and corn chips aplenty! Sabour Mexicano is passionate about health and the environment, and all produce is grown without pesticides or harmful chemicals.


Cashew milk (Water, Cashews), Potatoes, Carrots, Coconut oil, Olive oil, Nutritional yeast, Vinegar, Garlic, Jalapeno peppers, Citric acid, Sea salt.

Can I use the Queso in any other dishes?

You sure can! Why not add it into your vegan mac and cheese for added depth of flavor and a kick of heat? This sauce is easy to cook with. Get creative and let us know what cheesey wonders you cook up.

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