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King Arthur - Organic Masa Harina, 32oz

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Quick Description

King Arthur Organic Masa Harina Flour is perfect for making authentic tortillas at home! Their traditional recipe promises soft corn tortillas every time.

Key Information

  • Incredibly Finely Ground Flour
  • Resealable Bag to Maintain Freshness
  • Makes Easy to Handle Dough
  • Made From 100% Organic, Gluten-Free Corn

Product Overview

King Arthur is on a mission to bring people together with communal baking. Their array of flours can be used to make the best quality home-baked goods. All their flour is unbleached and sustainably sourced to support the communities that grow it. The high-quality corn provides tasty and easy-to-make dough for the varied skills of home bakers.

The Organic Masa Harina flour undergoes the traditional nixtamalization process; drying the white corn, soaking in lime water, and then grinding it. This makes a fine corn flour which when combined with water produces a very pliable masa dough. The 100% Organic white corn when grilled has a subtle nutty tang that can be combined with spices like paprika to take dishes to the next level.

Due to its alkalinity, the molecules in the corn release vitamin B3 that can be freely absorbed by the body, not only better for you but is also why it combines so well into a dough. The bag comes with a simple recipe for easy corn tortillas that anyone can follow! Simply add salt and water to the masa harina flour and then use the dough to make your choice of tortillas, tamales, pupitas, or gorditas.


Certified 100% Organic White Corn Treated with Hydrated Lime.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Masa Harina the Same as Cornmeal?

The short answer? No. The nixtamalization process used to make Masa Harina is special, because the fibers in the corn are broken down and it is much easier to rehydrate and then combine into a delicious and perfectly textured dough.

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King Arthur - Organic Masa Harina, 32oz
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