Flow Water - Peach + Blueberry, 16.9 fl oz

Flow Water - Peach + Blueberry, 16.9 fl oz
Flow Water - Peach + Blueberry, 16.9 fl oz - back
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Flow Water - Peach + Blueberry, 16.9 fl oz

Brand - Flow Water
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Quick Description

With zero calories and sugar, Flow Water delivers the most refreshing pH 8.1 alkaline spring water with a delicious organic flavor from Peach + Blueberry.

Key Information

  • Alkaline spring water infused with peaches and blueberries
  • A pH level of 8.1
  • Rich in electrolytes and minerals
  • Zero sugar and sweeteners
  • 100% recyclable and mostly renewable packaging

Product Overview

Flow Water delivers some truly satisfying refreshment and hydration with its Peach + Blueberry alkaline spring water!

Sourced from two different artesian springs, this naturally alkaline water has a pH of 8.1 and it is high in minerals and electrolytes. It contains no sugar or artificial sweeteners. The delicious Peach + Blueberry notes come from an organic infused taste that has a delicious, crisp, and fresh fruity flavor. 

Flow Water thinks high-quality water should have high-quality packaging. This Peach + Blueberry alkaline spring water is contained in 100% recyclable, eco-friendly packaging that is also 68-75% renewable. 


100% naturally alkaline spring water. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How is Flow Water different from regular water?

Regular water usually has a pH of around 7. Natural alkaline water is higher in alkalinity and is sourced straight from mineral-rich springs, which makes it higher in minerals than regular water. This delicious Peach + Blueberry offering from Flow Water is a delicious choice for those looking for a healthy way to increase their water intake.

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