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Ferm Fatale - Shrub-Bucha, 7oz Multiple Flavors


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Ferm Fatale - Shrub-Bucha, 7oz Multiple Flavors

Brand - Ferm Fatale
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Quick Description

With Ferm Fatale’s Shrub-Buchas, enjoy Friday nights out, without a hangover. Available in four classic cocktail flavors, minus the alcohol and sugar!

Key Information

  • Vinegar and fruit juice-based beverage, mixed with kombucha
  • Good source of probiotics
  • Available in four classic cocktail flavors
  • Non-alcoholic
  • Net-zero sugar and low in calories
  • Gluten-free & Organic

Product Overview 

Introducing Ferm Fatale’s sinfully delicious Shrub-Bucha probiotic mocktails! “Shrub”, a refreshing vinegar and fruit-juice-based beverage, is combined with kombucha to make this tasty social beverage. It’s the perfect substitute for the typical “cocktails with the girls”! 

Shrub-Bucha is an amazing handcrafted beverage, made from organic ingredients. Each bottle contains just 22 calories and zero net sugars. 

Ferm Fatale’s Shrub-Buchas are available in four classic cocktail flavors. So you can enjoy your Friday night out, without the sugar or alcohol! In fact, with no alcohol, you can enjoy a Shrub-Bucha every night of the week!

Ferm Fatale Shrub-Bucha Cosmopolitan

Ferm Fatale’s take on the ultimate girly drink combines cranberry and lime “shrub” with a tangy kombucha. Sharp and sour, all the classic flavors of a Cosmo, shaken not stirred! Enjoy it straight from the bottle or add a touch of class with a martini glass.

Ferm Fatale Shrub-Bucha Madam Mule

Upgrade your Moscow Mule to a Ferm Fatale Madam Mule! A warming ginger lime “shrub” is mixed with a wholesome kombucha to create a nice and spicy Madam Mule. You won’t feel out of place holding a classy Madam Mule at your next after-work drinks.

Ferm Fatale Shrub-Bucha Margarita

Who doesn’t enjoy a good Margarita?! Now you can enjoy a delicious Margarita-flavored probiotic mocktail. A lovely sour lime “shrub” sits over a tart kombucha to elevate the humble Margarita. Serve in a glass with a salted rim for a special treat!

Ferm Fatale Shrub-Bucha Nojito

Refreshing mint and lime “shrub” is blended with kombucha to bring you a funky Nojito! All the yummy freshness of a classic Mojito, minus the sugar and alcohol. To start your weekend with a bang, serve in a tall glass with ice and extra fresh mint! 


Ferm Fatale Shrub-Bucha Cosmopolitan: Organic kombucha, organic cranberry juice, organic lime juice, monk fruit

Ferm Fatale Shrub-Bucha Madam Mule: Organic kombucha, organic lime juice, organic ginger juice, monk fruit

Ferm Fatale Shrub-Bucha Margarita: Organic kombucha, organic lime juice, monk fruit

Ferm Fatale Shrub-Bucha Nojito: Organic kombucha, organic lime juice, organic mint juice, monk fruit

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a probiotic mocktail?

“Going out for drinks” is very much a social norm in our modern society, and “drinks” usually mean an alcoholic beverage. While there’s nothing wrong with an alcoholic beverage in moderation, these beverages are normally higher in calories and sugar. 

Ferm Fatale’s aim is to normalize drinking a non-alcoholic, healthy drink when you go for a night out. And so, the probiotic mocktail was born - a socially acceptable, non-alcoholic, low calorie, net-zero sugar beverage, made from real fruit juice and kombucha. Join the social revolution, today!

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Ferm Fatale - Shrub-Bucha, 7oz
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