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Color Kitchen - Nonpareil Sprinkles, 2oz

Color Kitchen - Nonpareil Sprinkles, 2oz

Brand - Color Kitchen
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Quick Description

Easily dress up your desserts with Color Kitchen’s Nonpareil Sprinkles. A pinch of these colorful beads are guaranteed to make your creations insta-worthy.

Key Information

  • Nonpareil Sprinkles in assorted colors
  • No hydrogenated oils or chemical dyes 
  • Natural plant-based colors
  • Kosher-friendly 
  • Gluten-free & non-GMO

Product Overview

Yay! Sprinkles are happiness on a plate. Add a dash of joy to your baked and frozen creations with Color Kitchen’s Nonpareil Sprinkles.

Does your cake need more character? Nonpareil Sprinkles are the shortcut to adding decoration to any blank canvas. Sprinkle them onto ice cream, cupcakes, or yogurt. Fold them into batter, or use them to coat sticky dough instead of sugar.

Made with natural plant pigments and with no wheat, GMOs, or soy, it’s the perfect topping for your gluten-free desserts.


sugar, corn starch, vegetable juice, spirulina extract, riboflavin, turmeric, beta carotene and carnauba wax 


Frequently Asked Questions

How do Color Kitchen’s Nonpareil Sprinkles differ from Color Kitchen Rainbow Sprinkles?

They have the same colors, but Color Kitchen’s Nonpareil Sprinkles are spherical while the Rainbow Sprinkles are cylindrical. They also contain different ingredients.

Can I use Color Kitchen’s Nonpareil Sprinkles in cooking?

Yes, you can use them in cooking. Just note that the natural colors may fade a little when exposed to heat.

Client Reviews

Color Kitchen - Nonpareil Sprinkles, 2oz
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