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Wish you could enjoy your favorite seasonal fruits any time of year? Well, you can actually, and now it’s just as healthy! Canned fruit is just as fresh as the day it was picked, and our range of the healthiest canned fruit is free from nasty preservatives and excess sugars. 

We choose only the best-canned fruit to brighten up your day, any day! Buy canned fruit and discover how this long-life pantry staple can enhance your diet.

How are Canned Fruits Made?

Good question! We choose only the healthiest canned fruit for you. Canned fruit goes through a simple canning process to seal in the goodness and make it future-proof. Before we help you buy the best-canned fruit, let's have a look at how it’s made!

First up, fruits are picked in their prime and taken directly to the canning facility. The fruit is washed, peeled, trimmed, cored, and sliced as necessary. It’s then packed into empty cans. Liquid - the fruit juice in this case - is added to fill the can, and the can is completely sealed. 

The cans are then ‘cooked’. This means that they are put in large water-bath cookers that heat them with just the right temperature and pressure. This process kills off any micro-organisms that could cause the food to spoil, which is how canned fruits remain fresh for so long. 

This method means that spores cannot grow in the can and the food remains in perfect condition until you are ready to eat it. It literally locks the nutrients in.

Is it Safe to Eat Canned Fruit?

Sure is, because the cooking process destroys all spores and micro-organisms that could cause the food to spoil, the canned fruits remain perfectly safe to eat for an incredibly long time. Enzymes that could cause harmful bacteria to grow are destroyed through the canning process. As the cans cool, a vacuum seal forms, which prevents any air from getting into the product to spoil it. Magic!

Why we Love Canned Fruit

We love all kinds of fruit! Fresh, frozen, canned, or dry… they all have their own unique charm and potential for use. Canned fruit has a long shelf life so you can keep it in your cupboard for over a year, and potentially much longer! 

Canned fruit seals in the juicy ripeness of fresh fruit but means you can enjoy any fruit at any time of year! That’s the main reason we love canned fruit.
We love it not only for its taste and shelf life though. We love how utterly straightforward it is to use. Canned fruits are ready to go. You don’t need to spend time peeling, chopping, slicing, or washing. 

You can eat them straight from the can or add them directly into lots of great dishes. If you’re making something that requires cooking - such as a peach cobbler or apple pie - canned fruit will ensure a perfect taste and texture every time.

Our Best Canned Fruit Brand

Native Forest is one of our top-selling canned fruit brands. Their quality is outstanding, and they are made sustainably. Let's have a look at a few of their best-canned fruit products.

  • Native Forest Pineapple Chunks
    Native Forest Pineapple Chunks are a tropical taste any day of the year. These handy chunks can be added to fruit salads or eaten with sticky rice, ice cream, and whatever else you’re in the mood for.

  • Native Forest Pineapple Crushed
    Native Forest Pineapple Crushed is the same great pineapple taste but in juicy crushed form. This is a great baking ingredient - try making a wonderfully moist pineapple cake! We love a dollop with some coconut ice cream, for a journey to the tropics.

  • Native Forest Mandarin Oranges
    Native Forest Mandarin Oranges are made with juicy organic mandarins grown in China. We love these with a bowl of breakfast granola and some vegan yogurt to start the day.

  • Native Forest Peaches Sliced
    We love using Native Forest Peaches Sliced to make a comforting vegan peach cobbler. They’re perfectly ripe any day of the year, and they’re super quick and easy to use.

Delicious Ways to Use Canned Fruit

You can use the healthiest canned fruit just as you’d use regular fresh fruit. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Breakfast! Canned fruits can make a quick, easy and nutritious breakfast either alone or paired with cereals and yogurt.
  • Canned fruit can play a starring role in many wonderful dessert recipes. Eat them alone with vegan ice cream, or use them in cobblers, crumbles, pies, and cakes. We love a mandarin cornmeal cake, a pineapple upsidedown cake, or a pear tart.
  • Make an easy and totally juicy fruit salad by combining a few cans of different fruits in a bowl. This can be eaten any time of day for a healthy dose of vitamins!
  • Canned fruits can also bring something sweet to many delicious savory dishes. Try adding chunks of canned pineapple to vegan tacos or fajitas, or making a vegan Hawaiian pizza.

Canned pear slices make a fantastic salad with cashew-based blue cheese, walnuts, red onion, and leaves. Canned mandarin slices make a tasty addition to an Asian-inspired salad with a spicy sesame dressing, shredded red cabbage, and edamame beans.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do canned fruits have added sugar?

When choosing canned fruits to buy, always read the ingredients list on the label or product page. We recommend you buy canned fruit from us as we choose only the best so you don’t have to do the work. Many regular stores stock canned fruit that is packed full of nasty added sugar. 

We like to keep things natural and stick to the sugars that the fruits already contain. We avoid products with added sugar so you can too. When in doubt, remember to check the label to make sure the canned fruit is suitable for your diet.

Do canned fruits have added preservatives?

Some canned fruits have added preservatives and some don’t. We sell the best-canned fruits - like Native Forest Pineapple Chunks - which contain nothing other than the fruit and its juice! 

That means they are all-natural and all-nourishing. If in doubt, be sure to check the product’s ingredients before buying. By canned fruit from us and rest assured it’s only the good stuff.

How do I store canned fruits?

After you buy canned fruits, they should be stored in their cans in a cool, dry place with a temperature of below 85℉. A temperature of between 50-70℉ is best. Try to eat canned fruits within 2 years, though they can last longer. Read the label when in doubt. Always store opened tinned fruits in a separate resealable container or Tupperware box.

Does canned fruit need to be refrigerated?

Once opened, canned fruit should be stored in an airtight plastic container in the fridge and consumed within 1 week. Make sure you transfer the fruit, with its liquid, to a plastic container that can be sealed, instead of putting the can itself in the fridge. Leaving as much of the liquid there as possible will help your canned fruit maintain its taste and texture.

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