Why Plant Gift Delivery Is Perfect for Every Occasion

Why Plant Gift Delivery Is Perfect for Every Occasion

It's almost the end of the year, with Christmas arriving in only a few days and a New Year about to greet us again; have you completed all your gifting preparations for your loved ones? If not, you still have time to make a more personalized, thoughtful, lasting, and sustainable gift by choosing an indoor plant as your present.  But while Christmas and New Year may be some of the biggest holidays of the year, gifting plants are perfect for every occasion. Whether you need a gift for a baptismal, birthday, coming-of-age, housewarming, new job/promotion, engagement, Mother's Day, anniversary, wedding, or any special event, plants are the perfect way to let someone know you are thinking of them.   

Plant Gifts Are Versatile And Personal  A succulent is decorated with red, gold, and silver holiday ornaments.

Plant gifts' warmth and homely aesthetics can be easily customized to suit any distinct personality, tastes, and preferences. Make sure to do a little research about your recipient—if they have pets, allergies, live in certain climates, among other things—so that you can decide the plant that will suit them best.  There is surely a type of plant gift for the special people in your lives with many varieties, growing conditions, shapes, colors, and sizes available for delivery. You can even be creative with the way your plant gift will be packaged according to the occasion.  Some of the most recommended plant gifts are succulents, spider plants, peperomia, snake plant 'Francisii' , money trees, pothos, philodendron "Jungle Boogie", and Chinese evergreen plants.   

Gifting The Therapeutic Benefits of Nature 

This year has been challenging for everyone—isolation, restrictions, shifting to remove work, loss of jobs and economic downturn—our lives have all been disrupted. This can all lead to anxiety, hopelessness, loss of focus, and depression that can be a prolonged problem to our well-being when all are left ignored.  So, it's all the more reason to gift plants and bring the therapeutic benefits of nature inside homes, especially at a time when we can't spend too much time outdoors. Like the benefits of pet therapy, gardening, or being around nature, caring for plants, talking to them, and observing them grow creates a relaxing routine—improving concentration and bringing positive spirits.  Besides their air-purifying abilities, studies vouch for the many health benefits of interaction with indoor plants—such as reducing stress by suppressing nervous system activity, as confirmed by a study published in the Journal of Physiological Anthropology.   

Living Décor That Brings Tranquility 

Living décor is a great way to rejuvenate your everyday life, especially now that many people work from home, making more sense to add plants to your decor. Indoor plants bring the warmth and colors of nature inside, brightens up different corners, sets a calming ambiance, lifts the mood, and even make your living spaces smell nicer and more welcoming.  Plants may be quietly soaking up some sun and absorbing water, but they're not passive companions. They take the spotlight and bring attention to the beauty, comfort, and peace they spread to your living room, bedroom, kitchen, and your home office—all reminding you to slow down and take a breather.   

Plant Gifts Are Meaningful And UniqueIndoor plant gift is potted inside a white planter with twine and a red ceramic star.

When gifting plants, they mean more than just red for love, white for sympathy, or yellow for friendship. While it takes more preparation, plant giving shows the giver's sincerity and better expresses the emotions they want to impart—signifying respect and trust to the recipient that they will care for the plant and that you recognize their nurturing nature. Marveling at them thrive over time brings you back to that memory of the first time someone entrusted you with something to be responsible for. You can even pass it down, so the giving continues. You'd be thankful to your gift giver for sharing the love of plants while you share stories of how you've nurtured the plant and how it has benefited you.  And since almost everything is being delivered now, plant gift delivery is also affordable and hassle-free. Just instruct how you want it packaged, the variant, size, pot color, and of course your message—and your heartfelt gift is good to go.   

Not Sure What To Buy Friends And Family For Christmas?

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