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Decorate With Plants

Decorate With Plants

Bringing the green from your garden into your home with potted plants can be a unique and exciting way to brighten your space. Whether you're already a plant lover or just looking to get started as a plant parent, adding plants to your indoor decor can change your home's vibe and allow you to bring a much-needed breath of fresh air in your decor. Both literally and figuratively! Plants can help remove pollutants in the air and release more oxygen at night so you can sleep more restfully, making them a valuable asset to have, especially if you're living in the city. Read on to find some helpful and interesting tips on how to decorate your home or apartment with indoor plants!

Decorating Your Home with Plants

Accent Plants Maybe you're not ready to jump in and become a full-fledged plant parent but still looking to accent your space with some needed greenery. Accent plants are a great way to add a pop of color to a workspace, living room, or bedroom without drawing too much attention. Succulents and air plants are perfect for subtly accenting a space thanks to their size, vibrance, and general sturdiness when it comes to thriving under harsh conditions.    Both of these plants go well in minimalist spaces and look great thrown around in just about any area of the house where there's some extra room. Change the pot it's planted in to accent other colors in the room or use something rustic like a silver bucket or concrete planter for a look that blends in anywhere. Air plants lend you the freedom of choosing a vessel without soil, so get creative! Try placing your air plant in a seashell to go along with more nautical decor.The corner of a home is filled with a variety of indoor plants that are placed across shelving, step stools, and hanging baskets as they will the room with lively greenery.   Hanging Plants Depending on where you live, a hanging plant can be a great way to add some levels to how your guest's eyes travel across the room. You often see hanging plants in home decor on Instagram and Pinterest, where they usually place a boho appeal. Not only that, but hanging elements tend to be under-utilized in many spaces, which makes hanging plants a pleasant surprise for your guests.    All kinds of plants can be used for hanging plant decor, but we recommend an English ivy for their hardy nature and tendency to let their stalks, well, hang! Once your vine begins to grow more, your space begins to feel more naturalistic and perhaps even jungle-like.   Terrariums Terrariums take easy to care for plants like moss, succulents, cacti, and air plants, and places them in a see-through vessel like a glass bowl, or a geometric glass frame. Every terrarium is unique, and you can customize it based on your preferred plants, plus they're super cute. Geometric glass terrariums contain small succulents and reindeer moss as they decorate an apartment countertop.   Whether you place small pebbles and river rocks, or a soft bed of sand with several air plants, a glass terrarium can give you the visual of a miniature ecosystem in your living room. Terrariums are excellent for table centerpieces or suspended in a hanging vessel near a window to catch the light and add an air of elegance and whimsy to the room.   Statement Plants All plants have the ability to add life and color into a room, much like artwork. For those of you who are proud plant parents or looking to dive headfirst into the water, larger statement plants are the go-to for pulling a room together. If something in your room still feels like its missing, or if you can't find the exact items to bring together an empty corner, then larger potted plants or trees can give your decor some drama and height.    Clusters of plants of varying heights can also work well the bring together a part of your room where it feels like nothing else fits. If you feel like there is an area of wasted space in your home, adding a medium to large planter can work well and become a relaxing visual treat for both you and your guests.   Have a clearer idea of what you're looking for? Check out PlantX's Plant Shop to find the perfect plant to finalize your interior stylings. Also check out our other blog, "Best Lowlight Indoor Plants For Your Apartment" to find easy to care for plants that make an excellent addition to any apartment or home.


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