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Best Low Light Indoor Plants For Your Apartment

Best Low Light Indoor Plants For Your Apartment

When it comes to moving into an apartment there’s a lot to think about, whether its the size, the price, or the location. Adding plants into your apartment is an easy way to begin personalizing your space but there may have been one thing you didn’t account for during your move. The lighting! If you’re stuck in an apartment that has limited natural light sources then you may have to take a step back and figure out what are the best plants to include in your home. Knowing what types of plants can thrive in low light spaces is the first step to bringing some much-needed brightness and life to a room, so set yourself up for success with our guide to the best low light indoor plants for decorating your apartment!  

Lowlight Indoor Plants For Your Home

  Pothos Pothos is the perfect low light-loving plant to keep on a shelf or place in a hanging pot. This houseplant is the perfect entry point for first time plant parents or for anyone who has had a hard time keeping plants alive in the past. Pothos have a tendency to thrive under a wide variety of conditions and will only have trouble if you overwater them. Make sure that the soil is completely dry between each watering to make sure that this tropical vine continues to bring harmony to your space. Pothos are also great for clearing pollutants out of the air, making them a great option for anyone living in a big city.  Pothos are a great indoor apartment plant thanks to their tendency to thrive in a variety of conditions. Snake Plant Snake plants come in a variety of sizes making them a great accent piece to any end table or corner of the room. Although a Snake Plant will grow in bright light, it’s hearty nature allows it to handle a variety of conditions and keep it going in both dim and low-light conditions. Have you forgotten to water your snake plant? No problem, the snake plant is fairly drought resistant and enjoys being a bit more on the dry side. Some say snake plants actually help you sleep better. This is likely due to the fact that these plants naturally help clean the air in your apartment and remove toxins while releasing oxygen at night. Keep a snake plant in the bedroom for a more restful night’s sleep. Snake plants release oxygen at night while absorbing toxins in the air during the day, making them a great addition to your apartment. ZZ  Plant Also known as Zamioculcas, or the Zanzibar Gem, the ZZ plant pushes the limit when it comes to thriving in extreme lowlight conditions although not total darkness. Native to the Central Africa region, the ZZ plant has developed to become extremely drought resistant and adapts easily to a variety of conditions which is what makes it such a great indoor plant for any room in your apartment. If the top two inches of the soil are dry then it’s time to water your ZZ, but other then that she will thrive even if you accidentally ignore her. Every plant parent has to start somewhere, and the ZZ is a very forgiving beginner plant. This is another air-purifying plant available from our PlantX Plant Delivery and can remove toxins like benzene, toluene, and xylene from the air in your apartment. But be warned, this plant can be toxic so it should best be kept away from nibbling cats or dogs as well as children. Drought resistent ZZ plant is the perfect addition to your apartment especially if you don't have a green thumb. Looking for non-toxic plant options for your apartment? Check out our Pet-friendly Houseplant Bundle on our Plant Delivery page for an easy way to bring life into the room.


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