Superfood Meal Delivery Service

Superfood Meal Delivery Service

Sometimes, food is more than just food. Sure, almost everything we eat has at least some nutritional value. Even the junkiest of junk food may have fiber, vitamins, or other nutrients, but some foods are so packed with nutritional value that they’re known as “superfoods.” Some foods commonly called superfoods include acai berries, lentils, hemp seeds, dark leafy greens like kale, olive oil, green tea, and more! At PlantX, we think everyone should be able to include superfoods like these into their diets, so we make sure the meals in our plant-based meal delivery service and the products in our shop section are rich with plant-powered nutrition. But what is it that makes these superfoods so super? Read on to find out!  

What Are Superfoods?

Superfoods are called “super” because of their nutritional density, and they often contain nutrients that are hard to find in other foods. The most common reason cited that superfoods are beneficial is because they’re high in antioxidants. Antioxidants are a type of molecule that occurs naturally in some foods. Antioxidants are highly praised because they’re essential to help reduce or even reverse the effects of free radicals, a natural byproduct of the body’s energy production. Free radicals are linked to various adverse health effects like heart disease, arthritis, stroke, immune deficiencies, cancer, and more. Of course, superfoods don’t cure health conditions or guarantee prevention from health problems, but including superfoods into a healthy diet can go a long way to helping you feel your best!  

Types of Superfoods

One of our favorite superfoods at PlantX is the humble chickpea; for many years, it was seen as a bland salad topping in North America, but people worldwide have enjoyed the plethora of plant-based benefits of chickpeas for millennia. Also known as garbanzo beans, chickpeas are a type of legume that contains high levels of protein, iron, vitamins, fiber, antioxidants, and they’re naturally low-fat and gluten-free! Superfood chickpea hummus with olive oil.       Chickpeas are incredibly versatile as a vegan ingredient and are lovely in hummus, falafel, curries, and baked or fried on their own as a crunchy snack! To enjoy some crunchy chickpeas in Mesquite BBQ or Sweet Sriracha, check out Bada Bean Bada Boom on our store, or try Banza Chickpea Pasta for a high-protein twist on pasta.     Another favorite way to enjoy superfoods is through “super seeds” and ancient grains like sunflower seeds, amaranth, quinoa, chia seeds, and hemp seeds. These seeds and grains are bursting with nutrients like omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, protein, iron, and magnesium. These super seeds are easily added to many recipes, so they’re great to have if you’re a home baker or enjoy a morning smoothie. For a great crunchy super seed treat, Purely Elizabeth Original Ancient Grain Granola is fantastic on top of yogurt, smoothies, or on its own  

Quick and Easy Hot Chocolate Recipe (featuring Laird Superfood Creamer Cacao)

Ingredients for a hot cocoa made with Laird Superfood Creamer is spread across a marble counter top. Ingredients:

1 tbsp of Laird Superfood Creamer Cacao

1 cup of Oatly Barista milk (or milk of choice)

¼ tsp of vanilla extract


Plant-based whipped cream (optional topping)

  1. In a small saucepan, place milk, a dash of cinnamon, vanilla extract, and Laird Superfood Creamer into a small saucepan.
  2. Heat over low-medium heat, whisking frequently until warm.
  3. Pour you cocoa into a mug, and dollop with a spoonful of your favorite plant-based whipped cream.
  4. Enjoy!
  Regardless of what superfoods you choose to consume, it’s important to remember that even though they’re nutritional powerhouses, having a healthy and balanced diet is the most significant way to looking and feeling your best.