How To Care For Your Money Tree

How To Care For Your Money Tree

Isolation during the pandemic doesn’t have to be lonely. Instead of craving to go out, try to bring the “outside” into your home. Be extra by bringing in the tropics, wherever you live. I’m talking about the Money tree, a popular indoor plant for seasoned enthusiasts and beginner plant parents alike.    It is easy to grow, low maintenance, and if the myth is to be believed, also offers wealth and luck to those who take care of it. What’s more, it will certainly stand out and add life to any corner of your home or plant collection.    But, keep in mind that even if it’s a low maintenance house plant, it’s important to give your money tree the best care to keep it healthy and lush. Here’s how.   

Give Money Tree Enough LightMoney Tree Care Guide

Keep the bright green color of your money tree by placing it in a spot with enough bright and indirect light. As it’s native to the tropics, it needs enough sunlight to grow and maintain its pretty foliage.    If there aren’t any bright areas in your home, don’t fret. Your money plant will adapt even to fluorescent lights. Here’s an extra tip: rotate your plant every once in a while to have an even growth of leaves and to keep your plant balanced. Remember that money plants love the sun and they will bend towards it if not rotated every couple of days.   

Avoid Overwatering

While it’s true that you need to water your plant thoroughly, you need not overdo it lest you’ll cause root rots. Water your plant sparsely, approximately once every couple of weeks and less during the colder months. Also, make sure that there are enough drainage holes in your pots. Wait for a few minutes after watering, and throw out the excess water that accumulated in the saucer.    If you want to improve the drainage and aeration of the roots, add a handful of gravel at the bottom of the pot before adding in the soil.   

Make Your Money Tree Feel At Home 

Money trees naturally grow in the tropics, and aside from sunlight, that part of the world is also high in humidity. Mist your plant often to mimic that environment. If you want to take it up a notch, place your money tree near the humidifier. You can also crowd your money tree with other plants to maintain their needed level of humidity. Not only will this be beneficial to them, but it will also improve the air quality in your home.    Finally, place your plant between 65-80℉. With the right conditions, your plant will grow healthy all year round.   

Extra Tips To Keep Your Money Tree HappyBraided Money Tree

The money tree’s trunk is quite slender and malleable. That’s why the trunks are often braided when you find them in the market. These are multiple plants that were grown together and braided as they grew.    If you’re growing your plant by yourself, you can achieve this look by weaving them gently and loosely at first. Then, you can tie a string at the top to keep them together. You can repeat this process as the trees grow.    Lastly, Your plant doesn’t need a lot of fertilizer, but you can feed it in spring and summer. This is to aid the growth of new leaves. However, use it sparsely. Choose a water-soluble and balanced fertilizer, use only half of the recommended amount, and spray or pour the mixture on damp soil.    If you’re looking for a new addition to your plant collection, look no further than this easy-to-grow, flexible, and stunning house plant.