9 Healthiest Plant-Based Creamers You Should Try

9 Healthiest Plant-Based Creamers You Should Try

There was once a time when tea and coffee were fraught subjects for vegans. The world of milk and cream replacements wasn’t yet booming. So more often than not, you might have found yourself taking your coffee black or opting for herbal tea instead.

But oh, how the world has changed! It’s developed so much that even those who consume dairy are often reaching for plant-based creamer options. Flat whites have become ‘oat flat whites’ and now you can walk into a coffee shop and see a huge array of vegan creamers displayed on the shelves. 

And the possibilities are endless. With a bunch of great products out there, you can choose the right non-dairy creamer for your beverage. Whatever it might be.

From thick and creamy, to luxurious and silky, the breadth of textures and tastes is amazing. And what’s more, they are super-healthy. No animals. Less fat. Packed full of antioxidants. And some great vitamins too. 

So. Without further ado, here are some of the best out there. 

Our top 9 plant-based creamers you should try.

1. Minor Figures - Oat Milk


Minor Figures - Oat Milk


So this is the one for the coffee connoisseurs out there. For those hoping to bring hipster coffee paradise into their kitchens. Specially designed for the at-home barista, this Oat Milk from Minor Figures is a marvel. 

It’s thick, creamy, and left unsweetened, so all you are tasting is that natural oaty goodness. Make sure to give it a little shake before you pour, to help it thicken up and give your coffee a truly professional feel

The chic design is great too and will slide neatly into your refrigerator. A twenty-first central minimal delight. This is a plant-based creamer for the here and now. 

And even better, Minor Figures are a Carbon Neutral company. So you can kick back and enjoy that coffee in good conscience. 

2. Nutpods - Hazelnut Creamer

Nutpods - Hazelnut Creamer, 11.2oz

Maybe hazelnut is more your kind of thing? Well then, Nutpods have just the non-dairy creamer for you. This Hazelnut Creamer is silky and smooth, perfect for a coffee. With almonds and coconut to help boost the flavor profile, it’s a sure-fire way to a tasty coffee experience. 

On top of that, there’s no added sugar. Nutpods keep it natural. This is a vegan creamer that’s appropriate for those following Keto or Paleo diets too. So what’s not to love? 

Do you want to recreate the feeling of half-and-half, but keep-it-vegan at the same time? This plant-based creamer does just that.

3. Nutpods - French Vanilla Creamer

Nutpods - French Vanilla Creamer, 11.2oz 

What about a vanilla twist? Sometimes your coffee needs a lift. And for those times, there’s Nutpods French Vanilla Creamer. It has all the properties of their Hazelnut option, but with an added vanilla kick. 

Turn that morning coffee into a special moment between you and that deep rich vanilla goodness. 

Oh, and this is deliciousness without the added sugar. Nutpods keep it natural. It’s a no-brainer. Really!

4. Native Forest - Coconut Milk Powder

Native Forest - Coconut Milk Powder

Here’s something really interesting. This plant-based coconut creamer from Native Forest is a completely new option. It comes as a powder, so all you need to do is sprinkle it onto your beverage, give it a little stir, and… Voila! Plant-based creamer heaven is yours. 

It comes in a convenient packet that you can store at room temperature, so there’s all that refrigerator space saved.

Oh, and best of all… It’s delicious. Coconut-y and flavorful, it’s a rich addition to your coffee drinking life.

5. Pacific Foods - Almond Milk Unsweetened

Pacific Foods - Almond Milk Unsweetened, 32oz

Almond milk is just an overall first-class product. For those out there who find oat milk a little too sweet for their taste buds… Well, may I introduce you to Pacific Foods’ Unsweetened Almond Milk?

It’s a thick, delicious vegan creamer that goes particularly well with coffee. Especially if you like your plant-based creamer rich. Made by steeping beautiful almonds for long periods, almond milk is at the forefront of the non-dairy creamer world. 

And almonds are fantastically healthy nuts. Low in carbs, they support weight management and are high in vitamin E.

Not only that, but Pacific Foods is a great company to invest in. Founded in Oregon, they source all of their ingredients carefully, valuing the simple and the direct. What’s more, sustainability is central to their mission.

This is a super-healthy, super-tasty, super-sustainable vegan creamer option.

6. Milkadamia - Macadamia Milk Original

Milkadamia - Macadamia Milk Original

Macadamia milk. You heard it here first. And not for the last time. The macadamia nut is such a good nut for a plant-based creamer. Its natural creaminess lends itself to making lovely rich milk. And what’s more, the nut is packed full of healthy stuff. 

It’s a great source of Omega-3 and Omega-6. It’s full of heart-healthy monosaturated fats which are a great way of reducing cholesterol levels. 

This vegan creamer is good for coffee, tea, or even to punch up your morning cereal.

7. Milkadamia - Macadamia Milk Unsweetened Vanilla

Milkadamia - Macadamia Milk Unsweetened Vanilla, 32oz

Now imagine all that. But add some beautiful vanilla. That’s what Milkadamia’s Macadamia Milk Unsweetened Vanilla delivers. 

Milkadamia is produced on Jindilli Farm, nestled near the Eastern Coast of Australia. This is the very area where the Macadamia tree originated. Bathed in sunshine with deeply fertile soil. This is a non-dairy creamer with its roots in the natural world.

8. Pacific Foods - Unsweetened Cashew Milk

Pacific Foods - Unsweetened Cashew Milk, 32oz

Interested in a milder option? Want your coffee to speak for itself? This non-dairy creamer is a great choice. Pacific Foods’ Unsweetened Cashew Milk does the job. But without stealing the limelight. 

And what’s more, cashew milk is a wonder creamer. It is loaded with nutrients. It contains healthy fats, proteins, and a bunch of vitamins. Cashews are also a great source of antioxidants and zinc, which may cause an improvement to your immune health. 

A non-dairy creamer with a whole host of benefits, this is a great addition to your diet.

9. Dream - Coconut Milk Unsweetened

Dream - Coconut Milk Unsweetened, 32oz

This is the thing of vegan creamer dreams. For something super-rich and super thick, look no further than Dream’s Coconut Milk. And the best thing about a coconut milk plant-based creamer is that it is as versatile as you can get. 

Whip it up into your coffee to make something a little more luxurious, or even mix it into your smoothies for that extra creamy kick. And if you have any leftovers? Well, it can always go into your curries or stews. 

This coconut milk uses coconut cream to help bolster its flavor profile, giving it a thick luxurious quality. 

And unlike so many kinds of coconut milk, this guy comes in a super convenient bottle. Instead of those metal cans, you can easily reseal and store Dream’s Coconut Milk, meaning it’s a cost-effective purchase that goes further for longer. 

To sum it up

So there you have it. There are so many options out there when it comes to plant-based creamers. And remember, different moods call for different creamers. And different beverages definitely call for different creamers. 

So experiment! Try different things and figure out what suits your tastes. 

Whether you are looking for something full of flavor, thick and creamy, or mellow and mild, the world of non-dairy creamers is out there to be explored!