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5 Of The Best Plant-Based Coffee You Are Sure To Love

5 Of The Best Plant-Based Coffee You Are Sure To Love

Vegan coffee is the elixir of life: it gets us out of bed in the morning, keeps us awake in the dullest of work meetings, saves our souls when we’ve drunk too much alcohol the night before, and the list goes on!

You may have guessed… We are big fans of plant-based coffee, and if you’re reading this, you probably are too! This is why we’ve got such an extensive range of vegan coffee on the PlantX website for you to peruse at your leisure.

From high-quality organic ground coffee to cheeky cans of grab-and-go coffee with plant milk, we’ve got you covered for all your vegan coffee fantasies!

Chameleon Cold Brew - Espresso Coffee Concentrate

Chameleon Cold Brew - Espresso Coffee Concentrate

By no means for the faint-hearted, this is the heavy metal of the vegan coffee world. 

Made from the finest quality coffee beans, Chameleon Cold Brew uses a complex brewing process to achieve this powerful and full-bodied espresso coffee concentrate. 

Perfect for adding a dash of the dark to your vegan coffee, simply add a splash to your cold brew and take it to the next level of intensity. Omitting milk from your coffee is a leaner option, so this cold-brew concentrate could be a good plant-based diet coffee for you. 

You can also use this fantastically unique concentrate creatively. Think outside the box! Consider taking your espresso martinis up a notch at your dinner parties, or add some concentrate to your baking endeavors for depth of flavor.

With a concentrated espresso coffee comes great responsibility: remember, this stuff is on the strong side so use with moderation in mind!

Elmhurst - Flash Brew Oat Latte

Elmhurst - Flash Brew Oat Latte

On the softer side but by no means a weak choice, Elmhurst’s Flash Brew Oat Latte is an excellent vegan coffee to grab and toss in your bag for work. Elmhurst has used flash brewing for this delicious plant-based coffee beverage, which is a precise method known for allowing the flavor of coffee beans to really explode in our mouths. 

Using the famously delicious Arabica beans, this drink is bound to save you in some sticky situations when you are in serious need of an energy boost! Perfectly balanced in flavor with the creaminess of hemp and oat milk alongside the dark fruitiness of coffee, this convenient creamy vegan coffee is one of our absolute favorites. 

Mount Hagen - Organic Freeze Dried Instant Coffee Jar

Mount Hagen - Organic Freeze Dried Instant Coffee Jar

We had to be fair and give instant vegan coffee a shout-out here. There are some of us out there who just are not interested in playing around with percolators or fiddling with French presses. Different folks, different strokes. 

So for you instant coffee lovers out there: this one is for you!

Mount Hagen has produced an unbelievably good organic and fair trade instant coffee here. Made from Arabica beans and freeze-dried for ultimate freshness, this vegan coffee is an indisputable hit if you are an instant coffee lover. 

Add some plant-based milk to your Mount Hagen coffee if you are of that persuasion: feel free to browse our enormous vegan milk and cream range. 

Four Sigmatic - Mushroom Coffee Mix With Lion’s Mane

Four Sigmatic - Mushroom Coffee Mix With Lion’s Mane

Arguably the wild card of this selection, Four Sigmatic’s pioneering coffee mix with lion’s mane mushroom has rocked the vegan world. 

Lion’s mane mushroom is considered a superfood, as it has even been suggested to help with cognitive processes and general immunity health

Hold on, this vegan coffee drink gives us an energy boost as well as a brain and immunity boost? It’s too good to be true, we hear you cry! Nope, it’s really true. Additionally, lion’s mane mushroom is extremely high in protein, making this choice a brilliant plant-based protein coffee!

Treat this vegan coffee much like instant coffee. Add hot water and plant-based milk if you like, drink on the go or at home, and enjoy the incredible flavor and magical health benefits - you deserve it!

Peace Coffee - Ground And Whole Bean Coffee

Peace Coffee - Ground And Whole Bean Coffee

Now, these guys sure know how to produce a show-stopping coffee. Ethically and sustainably sourced, Peace Coffee is doing an excellent job of representing ground coffee here on our list of the best plant-based coffees. A great company that stays true to its principles, Peace Coffee has a lovely selection of ground and whole bean coffees for you to explore!

Nutty, dark, and daring, these coffees are of a seriously high caliber. When you’re sitting back and sipping this smooth and hearty brew, you’ll rest in the knowledge you’re doing right by yourself and by the planet!

Outrageously good flavor, a range of options to choose from, and a good company: Peace Coffee’s Ground and Whole Bean Coffee is, without doubt, a super plant-based coffee. Go forth and grab it!

Go get brewing!

The fact we can’t just go on and on listing our favorite vegan coffees breaks our hearts. We’d truly be here forever.

Spoilt for choice, we vegans have a lot to be grateful for when it comes to excellent plant-based coffees to guzzle down. The vegan coffee scene is absolutely fit to burst these days with tasty, ethically sourced options for the environmentally conscious of us.

We’ve shown you just some of the best vegan coffees, taking you through the spectrum of instant, ground, canned with plant-based milk, and even coffee with lion’s mane mushroom! 

And you know what? This is just the tip of the iceberg. There’s a whole world out there of vegan coffee for you to dive headfirst into, and PlantX is a safe place to start. 

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