Heaven Restaurant Bar

1013 17 Ave SW #119, Calgary, AB T2T 0A7

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(403) 249-3037
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Anait Rojas
a month ago

I used the catering services and it was awesome! fresh food cooked at your request. Additionally, they now have most of the menu items frozen (pre-cooked!, check it out online) to go, so you can recreate the same experience at home just heat and serve! Picture is a delicious vegetarian "Huevos Rancheros!". Owners are always on site taking care of their customers :-)

Ainsley CW
a month ago

Super delicious food! Amazing service! Love the arepas and the mini empanadas!! Gotta check out the hang over soup!!

a month ago

I had visited a few weeks back. Although it is pricey(somewhat understand) & no doubt food tasted good, but had a bad customer service experience. I personally found that there is a bit of an attitude(has happened during both visits) Because I had an average experience in customer service & hygiene practices, I gave less tip(but still gave). When I inquired about a charge for a small hot sauce container, I was shocked to hear back when told 'YOUR TIP DIDN'T REACH MINIMUM STANDARD, SHAME ON YOU". When I contacted to make realize that these are inappropriate remarks for customer. All I got was an apology.

semer merhi
a month ago

5 Stars restaurant, great Latinos food

Maria Therens
a month ago

The food was fresh and so delicious! I can’t wait to go back with more friends. And the staff was very sweet!