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Veganuary Healthy Dinner Essentials


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Veganuary Healthy Dinner Essentials

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Quick Description

Let’s get to dining on some delicious dinners! Our Veganuary Healthy Dinner Essentials bundle has all the makings of various incredible vegan meals!

What’s Included?

Bundle Overview

Whether cooking for one or a family, having healthy vegan dinner ideas locked and loaded can be challenging - especially at the start of the new year! Well, we’re here to help. Our vegan dinner essentials can get your culinary juices flowing and get you to make some delicious dishes inspired by different cuisines.

Bundle Breakdown

When it comes to Vegan food ideas for dinner, pasta is always tasty and so easy! That’s why we’ve got some of Andean Dream Quinoa Spaghetti that you can pair with Monte Bene’s Garlic Marinara Pasta Sauce or Daiya’s Alfredo Style Deluxe Cheeze Sauce. Depending on who you’re cooking for, we think the former sauce will be just the thing for the grown ups and the latter is great for the kiddos. Complete this Italian feast by making a few garlic Soft Pretzel Burger Buns by Pretzilla!

Another crowd favorite is pizza. So, we added a few picks like a Chebe Gluten-Free Bread Mix, Follow Your Heart’s Dairy-Free Cheese Slices, and a selection of Plant-Based Meats prepared by The Very Good Butchers to get you sorted. You can even borrow the two pasta sauces we mentioned earlier and make them a base for your pizza!

For something a little more kid-friendly, how about some tacos? We’ve got Grain-Free Taco Shells and a Taco Seasoning Mild by Siete. Combine that with Lightlife Meatless Crumbles, and Dairy-Free Cheese Shreds by Follow Your Heart for you here. To add that extra dish to this Mexican-inspired meal, we even added a Tortilla Soup Mix by Frontier Soups.

You don’t have to stick with our recommendations on how to use your ingredients, either. These picks are quite versatile and can be made into wraps and salads even. We weren't kidding when we said our Veganuary Healthy Dinner Essentials bundle can help you make loads of delicious meals inspired by different cuisines! Seriously, you might impress yourself with how great your dinners turn out.

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Veganuary Healthy Dinner Essentials
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