The Herbivorous Butcher - Pastrami, 8oz

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The Herbivorous Butcher - Pastrami, 8oz
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The Herbivorous Butcher - Pastrami, 8oz

Brand - The Herbivorous Butcher
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Quick Description

What's better than pastrami on rye? Vegan pastrami on rye! The Herbivorous Butcher’s Pastrami is an innovative plant-based alternative. It's delicious, naturally!

Key Information

  • Incredible vegan meat substitute
  • Plant Based Food Association Members
  • Delicious, realistic, vegan pastrami
  • Rich in protein and B-vitamins
  • Made in small, artisan-inspired batches

Product Overview

Here’s proof that plant-based alternatives are not only great for the planet but great for your tastebuds, too! The Herbivorous Butcher Pastrami is outstandingly delicious, with a fantastic texture and a powerful punch of good nutrition.

The Herbivorous Butcher has given this classic a vegan makeover. The results are mouthwateringly good! Better for people, animals, and the environment, this tantalizing treat is subtly herbed, spiced, and hickory-smoked.

The brother and sister duo have expertly chosen totally natural, plant-based ingredients, with the goal of creating nutrition-packed meat substitutes. This delectable pastrami is bursting with protein, B-vitamins, and healthy monounsaturated fats. With no artificial additives to be seen, you can enjoy the authentic taste of vegan pastrami completely guilt-free.


Vital Wheat Gluten, Tomato Juice, Water, Soy Sauce, Olive Oil, Nutritional Yeast, Spice, Liquid Smoke, Tomato Paste, Less Than 2% Of Beet Powder, Salt, Smoked Paprika, Black Peppercorn
Allergens: Wheat, Soy.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does The Herbivorous Butcher pastrami keep for?

If the packet is vacuum-sealed, this tasty treat should be good for up to two weeks in the fridge, if unopened. After opening the packet, you should have around 3-5 days to consume the pastrami. If you’re stuck for ideas beyond the classic sandwich, why not try adding to a pasta dish? It’s also fantastic with scrambled tofu as part of a cooked vegan breakfast. Our favorite? Mix up taco night and use some of this!

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