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Pizzolato - Prosecco Spumante NSA (NV), 750ml

Pizzolato - Prosecco Spumante NSA (NV), 750ml

Brand - Pizzolato
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Quick Description

This Prosecco Spumante from Pizzolato will get your party going, with minimal effort. As long as you ensure it’s cold and flowing, your guests will be happy with the delicious offering!

Key Information

  • Origins: Veneto, Northern Italy
  • Varietal: Sparkling Prosecco
  • Grape: Glera
  • Vintage: NV
  • Vineyard: Villorba
  • Alcohol Content: 11%
  • Character: Fresh, well-balanced with fruit on the nose
  • Pairing: Seasonal vegetables
  • Vegan friendly
  • Organic Certified
  • No Sulfites Added

Product Overview

When it comes to celebrating with a bottle of bubbles, everyone’s on board - especially when it’s a bottle of Pizzolato’s Prosecco! Pizzolato has made the decision-making process easier for you for your next soiree. This delightful Spumante is certified organic and has no added sulfites, so you know you’re making a good choice - both for you and your guests! With its well-balanced mouthfeel and fresh, fruity flavors, this sparkling wine will please your guests, and compliment most foods.

It is suitable for all stages of a meal, as well as being an excellent aperitif - so a great all-rounder! Best served straight from the fridge, between 39-43°F. Top tip: pop your flutes in the freezer for a few minutes before popping the cork. This will keep the bubbles colder for longer and make you look really fancy. Chuck in a couple of pieces of frozen apple too and you’re golden!


100% Glera No sulfites added

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any food pairing ideas for this Pizzolato Prosecco?

Do we?! Yes, yes we do. This Prosecco is ideal from the start to the close of your night! Pretzels, chips, and olives? A glass of this will work wonderfully to get you going. A salad starter or a bowl of soup? Yes, please! This Prosecco will also elevate any light mains, from a fluffy vegan quiche, to a quick sheet tray of roasted fresh seasonal veggies. Need we even mention dessert? You name it, this fresh and fruity Prosecco will work a treat.

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Pizzolato - Prosecco Spumante NSA (NV), 750ml
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