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Perlage - "Bacaretto" Prosecco Frizzante (NV), 187ml

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Quick Description

Perfect for a celebration, the Perlage "Bacaretto" Prosecco Frizzante has an uplifting aroma of wildflowers and fruity apple flavor that never disappoints.

Key Information

  • Origin:Veneto and Friuli Venezia Giulia, Italy
  • Varietal: Sparkling White Wine
  • Grape: Glera
  • Vintage: NV
  • Vineyard: The Perlage Winery
  • Alcohol Content: 11%
  • Character: Fruity, with a taste of green apple (and hints of white wildflowers)
  • Pairing: As an aperitif
  • Allergens: Contains Sulfites
  • Certified Organic
  • Vegan Friendly

Product Overview

The Perlage "Bacaretto" Prosecco Frizzante is a smaller bottle of the delicious Perlage Prosecco Frizzante. Although a smaller size, it still delivers a punch with generous bubbles to keep the party going. The fragrance of white wildflowers like elderflower provides harmonic balance with this light and acidic Prosecco.

A popular choice due to its refreshing body of peach and apple. Not only is this a delicious Prosecco but it’s sustainable too! The Perlage Winery is world-renowned for its organic sparkling wines.

As one of the only 100% organic sparkling Italian wineries, its focus on sustainable and biodynamic viticulture makes this winery a stand-out choice when shopping for a celebratory drink. Prosecco has traditional roots in Italian winery, as a geographically-protected wine, the Glera grape is an essential part of this.

The passionate winemakers at The Perlage Winery expertly blend expressive Glera grapes together to produce this elegant celebratory tipple. From using the most suitable soil to hand-picking some of the grapes, the entire process is performed with care and delicate expertise.


100% Glera Grapes Allergens: Contains Sulfites

Frequently Asked Questions 

What does the "Bacaretto" Prosecco Frizzante pair well with?

This Prosecco is perfect as an aperitif at a celebratory event. Paired with canapes such as moreish mushroom vol-au-vents or aubergine and chickpea bites it is a real treat!

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Perlage - "Bacaretto" Prosecco Frizzante (NV), 187ml
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